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Scotland hit by second earthquake in a week with Highlands tremor

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Scotland has experienced its second earthquake in less than a week after the Highlands was hit by a tremor on Friday. The British Geological Survey reported a 2.2 magnitude earthquake just outside Roybridge, near Spea...

Bothy culture: a tour of the Highlands’ sustainable sanctuaries

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The Mountain Bothies Association (MBA) charity has reopened its 105 mountain huts, shelters and howffs after more than a year of closure due to Covid. The overwhelming majority of these are in Scotland and they reopen...

Walker rescued after surviving two ‘shivering’ nights in Scottish Highlands

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A hiker has been rescued after surviving two nights lost and alone in the Scottish Highlands, having become separated from his walking partner. David Wightman, from near Southend-on-Sea in Essex, found himself in an i...

Uitgestrekte gebied van die Skotse Hoogland word herontwerp in 'n ambisieuse projek van 30 jaar

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'N Groot deel van die Skotse Hooglande wat tussen die weskus en Loch Ness strek, word herontwerp as deel van 'n projek van 30 jaar om die natuur te herstel. Die Affric Highlands -inisiatief is daarop gemik om verbonde inwoners te verhoog..

Wild beaver numbers surge to 1,000 across Scotland’s southern Highlands

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Wild beavers have colonised lochs and rivers across the southern Highlands of Scotland after a sharp surge in their numbers. A survey by NatureScot, the government conservation agency, estimates 1,000 beavers now live...

West Highlands on a budget: a hostel amid Scotland’s mountains and waterfalls

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I arrived at Glen Nevis during a storm. I’d watched it gather through the window of the train on the scenic West Highland Line from Glasgow. I’d witnessed the tempest scouring Rannoch Moor and by the time we arrived a...

Fabulous views and lungfuls of Atlantic air in the Scottish Highlands

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The idea of a home “trip” can depend entirely, savagely so, on what age you are. Growing weary in the back of an Austin Allegro as a child, you simply long for entertainment. As tiener, taking up too much room in ...