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Coronavirus live nuus: UK continues debate over jabs for children; Australia records highest daily cases

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Sage expert responds to UK watchdog’s decision not to recommend vaccine for 12- to 15-year-olds; 1,756 infections in Australia on Saturday

Abba’s new songs reviewed: a perky, moving return to pop’s highest peaks

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Abba Voyage is probably just going to be a cruise, I thought. Only in my dreams did I think it would be a new song. Then at 6pm came the news: a whole new album, with two tracks released at once to herald its arrival....

Hate crimes in US rise to highest level in 12 jare, says FBI report

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Hate crimes in the US have risen to the highest level in 12 jare, triggered largely by a surge in assaults on Black and Asian Americans, according to a FBI report. Die 2020 data, submitted to the FBI by more than 15,...

Scotland records highest number of daily Covid cases

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Scotland has recorded the highest number of daily Covid cases since the pandemic began, as Nicola Sturgeon issued a plea to the UK vaccines watchdog to reach a decision on vaccination of 12- to 16-year-olds quickly. A ...

Evacuation of Americans from Afghanistan ‘highest priority’, says Harris – live

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Vice-president says US military made ‘significant progress’ in getting American citizens and Afghan allies out of Kabul

Coronavirus live nuus: China reports highest cases since January; India reports lowest infections since March

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China confirms 143 nuwe sake, the highest number since 20 Januarie; Indië berig 28,204 infections, lowest since 16 Maart; record hospitalisations in US state of Arkansas

Coronavirus live nuus: more UK teenagers could get jab; highest cases in China since January

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Teenagers in UK could be given green light for vaccine; US moratorium on evictions; Sydney man in his 20s dies from virus

Florida reports highest one-day total of Covid cases since start of pandemic

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Florida reported 21,683 new cases of Covid-19, the state’s highest one-day total since the start of the pandemic, according to federal health data released on Saturday, as its theme park resorts again started asking v...

Coronavirus live nuus: China reports highest cases since January; France adopts vaccine passports law

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China starts testing 9.3 million people in Nanjing as 76 new cases reported; French parliament adopts law despite protests

China reports highest number of Covid cases since January

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China has reported the highest daily tally of new confirmed Covid-19 cases since January, driven by a surge in imported infections in southwestern Yunnan province, which shares a border with Myanmar. Mainland China re...

Léa Seydoux: ‘Art is a sexual energy. It’s the highest form of creation’

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Léa Seydoux is coming to Cannes. She’s starring in four pictures at this year’s film festival and our interview is booked for noon on Saturday, possibly on the beach. The beach is good for weird distractions and local...

Australia Covid update: NSW records 38 gevalle, highest daily number since Sydney outbreak began

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New South Wales has recorded 38 new local Covid-19 cases, insluitend 20 people who were in the community for part or all of their infectious period, as the premier urged people to further restrict their movement. Glady...

South Korea records highest Covid case numbers as wave of infections sweeps Asia Pacific

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South Korea has recorded its highest one-day case total of the pandemic so far as Covid outbreaks in countries across the Asia Pacific region gather pace. The Delta variant is responsible for a growing wave of new cas...

Studentegebiede teken die hoogste aantal nuwe Covid-infeksies in Engeland aan

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Die huidige vyf Covid-brandpunte in Engeland is die tuiste van sommige van die grootste studentepopulasies namate die Delta-variant jong word, grotendeels ongeëntde gemeenskappe. Diegene wat ouer is 18 aan 20 is hul eerste inenting aangebied ...

Coronavirus live nuus: China reports highest cases since January; Russia suffers record deaths

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China reports 57 new cases in highest tally since 30 Januarie; Russia suffers 737 sterftes; WHO says global funding appeal $16.9bn short

Coronavirus live nuus: South Korea confirms highest cases in six months; third day of record deaths in Thailand

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South Korea reported 800 cases on Thursday for first time in six months; Thailand suffered a record 61 sterftes; Australia PM outlines ‘pathway out of Covid’

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