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UK confident on winter energy supplies; firms hit by higher prices and lack of hauliers – business live

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Cobertura continua de las últimas noticias económicas y financieras

Higher taxes could leave low-paid frontline workers £1,000 worse off

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Higher national insurance payments will leave low-paid frontline workers potentially more than £1,000 a year worse off, while also depriving firms of the cash needed to invest, according to the latest analyses. The co...

Higher wages are welcome, but workers should not think fortunes have changed

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A prime minister who can say he is levelling up the regions and creating well-paid jobs has something to boast about. One who can achieve this in part by leaving the world’s largest trading bloc and restricting the fr...

Covid cases in England are 26 times higher than a year ago

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Coronavirus infections in England are now 26 times the levels that were experienced this time last year, según la Oficina de Estadísticas Nacionales. Scientists described the figures as “sobering”. They warned tha...

Eimear McBride: ‘Women grapple with shame because we’re held to a higher standard’

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Eimear McBride, 44, is the bestselling author of three novels: A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing, which won the Women’s prize for fiction and the Goldsmith’s prize, The Lesser Bohemians and Strange Hotel. Her first work o...

Even a pandemic can’t keep Ryanair from flying higher

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Who’s afraid of the Delta variant? Not Michael O’Leary. Over the last 16 months of sickness, death and lockdown, the billionaire Ryanair boss has rediscovered his controversy button and has lately been loudly telling ...

Higher taxes look like only way to fix UK’s social care crisis

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The reason governments of both left and right have taken so long to sort out Britain’s social care system comes down to one word: money. Ministers know that more cash will be needed to cope with the demands of an agei...

Children of obese mums at higher risk of fatty liver disease – study

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Children of obese mothers have a greater risk of developing fatty liver disease in their 20s, according to researchers who say policymakers need to do more to tackle the promotion of poor-quality food and drink. Non-a...

Georginio Wijnaldum con el objetivo de llevar al PSG "aún más alto" después de la jugada de sellado

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Georginio Wijnaldum se ha unido al Paris St Germain con un contrato de tres años tras su salida del Liverpool.. Centrocampista holandés, quien gira 31 en noviembre, no logró acordar nuevos términos con el Liverpool después de la negativa..

Vacuna AstraZeneca vinculada a un riesgo ligeramente mayor de trastornos sanguíneos

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Los datos del programa de vacunación Covid de Escocia han revelado un posible pequeño aumento en el riesgo de un trastorno hemorrágico tratable y, a menudo, leve después de la primera dosis de la vacuna Oxford / AstraZeneca.. Doctores exami ...

A medida que el sol sale más alto, es hora de una explosión de color floral

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He sido como un perro rebelde en la puerta, suspirando por la trama, y ahora desencadenado de otro aislamiento. Volviendo suelo, mover plántulas, clasificar una masa de paquetes. Un regreso bienvenido a los sábados y domingos temprano o tarde..

Pedestrian casualties higher among BAME people and in poor areas, hallazgos del estudio

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People living in deprived areas and those from minority ethnic backgrounds are notably more likely to be killed or injured as pedestrians on the roads, según un nuevo estudio. The research, using 10 years of casualt...

Children of Chernobyl parents have no higher number of DNA mutations

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For decades popular culture has portrayed babies born to the survivors of nuclear accidents as mutants with additional heads or at high risk of cancers. But now a study of children whose parents were exposed to radiat...

Higher testosterone levels in men linked to greater melanoma risk

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Men with high levels of testosterone have an increased risk of developing a potentially deadly skin cancer, los investigadores han encontrado. According to Cancer Research UK, which funded the study, one in 36 UK males and one i...

LGBTQ+ people face ‘starklyhigher Covid risk: ‘Needs aren’t being met

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Queer and transgender people across the US have been more vulnerable to contracting and dying of Covid-19 than their straight, cisgender counterparts, several new studies have found, with barriers to medical care and ...

China’s five year plan could push emissions higher unless action is taken

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China has set out an economic blueprint for the next five years that could lead to a strong rise in greenhouse gas emissions if further action is not taken to meet the country’s long-term goals. The 14th five-year pla...