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McKinsey niega haber ocultado ilegalmente trabajo para el fabricante de opioides Purdue Pharma mientras asesoraba a la FDA

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El jefe de la influyente y reservada firma de consultoría McKinsey. & La empresa ha negado que haya ocultado ilegalmente trabajo para Purdue Pharma, el fabricante de medicamentos que inició la epidemia de opiáceos, al mismo tiempo que asesora...

Nicola Sturgeon ‘hiding behind PM’ on Cambo oilfield, say climate groups

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Nicola Sturgeon has been criticised by climate campaigners for failing to call for the new Cambo oilfield to be blocked because of the climate crisis. Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth Scotland accused the Scottish ...

MP proposes law to stop employers hiding behind gagging orders

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A senior Conservative MP has proposed a law that would stop “scurrilous” employers using gagging orders to silence victims of sexual harassment. Maria Miller, who chairs the select committee on women and equalities, s...

‘The Taliban will have no mercy’: LGBTQ+ Afghans go into hiding

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Laila, a transgender woman in Afghanistan, rubs her eyes to wipe tears away. “I am terrified. It’s like a nightmare. I don’t feel safe even in my room. I’m scared of the Taliban. When I see them I feel they will know ...

No hiding place: US and Europe lock horns for epic Ryder Cup battle

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We have not yet reached the point where the American public has grown tired of the Ryder Cup and its unsatisfactory outcomes. Europe have prevailed in four out of the last five stagings of this event, which marks a bl...

Jürgen Klopp accuses VAR of ‘hiding behind referee’ in West Ham defeat

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Jürgen Klopp was left incensed with the referee, Craig Pawson, and his video assistant Stuart Attwell after Liverpool’s 3-2 defeat by West Ham on Sunday, claiming the officials had let down his players in regard to tw...

Hiding behind the loophole of a dead sex trafficker? Stay classy, Andrés

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Where does Prince Andrew drive to in his brand new, £80,000 Range Rover – seemingly his only appearances these days in anything that could be considered the outside world? The duke is often pictured motoring broodingl...

Out of hiding Rishi dishes out help and praise — for himself

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Rishi Sunak has been playing the long game. Keeping his head down – there can be an upside to one of your close family getting Covid – and offering the bare minimum of support to the prime minister to appear loyal. Ju...

More trans people hiding identity at work than five years ago — report

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The number of transgender people who hide their trans identity at work has risen sharply in the past five years, research has shown. According to a report by recruitment firm TotalJobs, almost two-thirds of trans peop...

Hiding from the cutters: the fight to save girls from mutilation in Kenya

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Half rising from the plastic white chair, he jabs a finger toward a girl and her school friends sitting across the circle from him. “She will have a future,” says Patrick Ikware, almost shouting. “This cult is diminis...

MailOnline sues Google for allegedly hiding links to its articles

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MailOnline is suing Google after alleging the search engine hides links to its articles on topics such as “Meghan Markle” and “Piers Morgan”, setting up a legal battle between one of the world’s biggest news websites ...

ONU revisará plan de Japón para verter agua de Fukushima en el Pacífico: ONU revisará plan de Japón para verter agua de Fukushima en el Pacífico

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ONU revisará plan de Japón para verter agua de Fukushima en el Pacífico, suena un poco mejor y viene en nuevas formas, suena un poco mejor y viene en nuevas formas. suena un poco mejor y viene en nuevas formas.

Shower scene: NSW police fine man hiding behind curtain as Covid crackdown expands

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Hiding behind a shower curtain and pretending to be delivering a package were not enough to save two men from being slapped with $1,000 fines for attending an illegal gathering in Sydney’s east on Friday afternoon. Th ...

Thousands of girls as young as 11 in England hiding signs of ‘deep distress’

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Thousands of girls as young as 11 are hiding signs of “deep distress” from their parents and teachers, according to an “alarming” report that reveals a “growing gulf” between the mental health of girls and boys. Recor...

Stillwater review – thoughtful Matt Damon vehicle hiding inside an action thriller

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Construction worker Bill (Matt Damon) travels from Oklahoma to Marseille to visit his twentysomething daughter Allison (Abigail Breslin), who is five years into a nine-year prison sentence for the murder of her girlfr...