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Herself review – a domestic abuse survivor​’s tale in search of the right tone

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The British director Phyllida Lloyd adds a spritz of commercial glitter to this bleak story about a domestic abuse survivor navigating Dublin’s housing crisis. Sandra (Clare Dunne) is separated from her violent, manip...

Herself review – Irish abuse drama turns into home-build heartwarmer

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Clare Dunne is the young Irish stage and screen performer who takes a commanding role in this heartfelt and engrossing personal movie: she is the star and co-writer with Malcolm Campbell (who scripted Lenny Abrahamson...

Alice Capsey announces herself as Oval Invincibles beat London Spirit

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Alice Capsey had plenty of time to contemplate her opening gambit here. She watched the first 10 balls of the Oval Invincibles innings from the non-striker’s end, seeing her opening partner Georgia Adams getting bowle...

UTS professor Dianne Jolley found guilty of sending herself threatening letters

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A former university dean has been found guilty of sending fake threatening letters to herself after a Sydney jury heard she shredded her own clothes and sent herself underwear as part of an elaborate ploy. For months ...

In Fox interview, Caitlyn Jenner declares herself ‘outsider’ in California governor race

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In her first major interview as a candidate for California governor, Caitlyn Jenner sought to appeal to Trump Republicans – telling Fox News’ Sean Hannity she’s an “outsider” looking to “disrupt” politics as usual. Th ...

‘We cried, it was emotional’: Maya Jama on being herself as new Glow Up host

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When lockdown shut the nation indoors, many experimented with sourdough, sculpting and sewing – anything to occupy our hearts, minds and hands to distract us from impending doom. So it seems only natural that the tell...

Edinburgh University admits failings after student kills herself

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A student killed herself after the University of Edinburgh failed to escalate her case and provide additional support, despite repeated warnings that she was struggling with her mental health, an internal report found...

How we met: ‘My twin sister joked she wished she’d kept him for herself

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Amy Scease was living in Boston, Massachusetts, with her identical twin, Becky, in 1987. “That winter, she invited me to a party in this old loft,” she remembers. When they arrived, Amy spotted a good-looking man in a...