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I was a heroin addict and had given up on myself. Then suddenly, brevemente, I felt a desire to live

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It was a Saturday night in early October 1986. My 30th birthday party, or what passed for it. Just a handful of junkies and my few remaining friends sitting on the floor of a grey, bare room in a flat in south London....

Un alto oficial de policía del Reino Unido respalda las clínicas pioneras de heroína sintética

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Uno de los oficiales de policía más importantes de Inglaterra ha pedido un "cambio fundamental de enfoque" para abordar la crisis de muertes por drogas en Inglaterra después de ver a un adicto inyectarse heroína sintética en una clínica pionera. Ricardo ...

How we made Christiane F – the shocking cult film about a child heroin addict

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The director Uli Edel and his team came to my school. I was sitting there eating an apple. Uli’s assistant came up and said: “We’re looking for girls for a film. Do you want to try out?" Yo dije: "OK, since you’ve aske...