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David Squires en… el Día de la Marmota para Newcastle y verdaderos héroes locales

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Nuestro dibujante sobre estar emocionado y rechazado por la Premier League, Seguridad laboral de Steve Bruce y habilidades para entrevistas forenses

The War Below review – wartime tunnelling heroes rushed through drama

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‘Gentlemen, tonight we may not make history, but we’ll certainly change the bloody geography.” British army colonel Hellfire Jack (Tom Goodman-Hill) gives sterling quotation (though it was apparently said in real life...

‘You’re not made to feel like a beggar’: the local heroes helping the hungry

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It’s a Wednesday afternoon, the day before Redfern-based Koori artist Blak Douglas – AKA Adam Douglas – is about to saddle up his flamboyant yellow ute, Xanthia, and embark on a food hamper blitz around Sydney. His pl...

No More Heroes 3 review – anarchic alien-killer goes out with a bang

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When it debuted on the family-friendly Wii in 2007, No More Heroes’ shocking blend of extreme violence, meta-humour and profanity felt as if it shouldn’t be allowed on a Nintendo console. While families played Wii ten...

Ten ParalympicsGB unsung heroes who can shine at the Tokyo Games

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Young won silver at the 2019 World Para Athletics Championships in Dubai, where he was beaten by China’s Zhu Dening on a photo-finish, and the 21-year-old has improved since then – he successfully defended his Europea...

Foden and Mount: local heroes renewing rivalry on grandest stage

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Incluso ahora, knowing what has happened since, there is something fresh and shocking to them. As you watch footage of the FA Youth Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester City, what strikes you above all is just how comf...

‘To our real heroes’: Saint-Maximin donates gifts to Newcastle NHS workers

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Allan Saint-Maximin has donated more than 60 care packages to NHS workers on Tyneside. These gifts include luxury confectionary boxes created by French chocolatiers, vouchers for leading high street shops and a note o...

Fukushima 50 review – Ken Watanabe in simmering tribute to power-plant heroes

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Dangerously high concentrations of politeness are observed in this dramatisation of the 2011 disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. Not only do most of the heroic “50” left behind to avert nuclear cata...

The Guardian view on an NHS pay offer: looks like contempt for Covid heroes

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The government does not think key workers, without whom society would have ground to a halt during the pandemic, are worth rewardingAfter the first world war, it was said of the soldiers that they were “lions led by d...

Now we health workers know how empty Boris Johnson’s ‘clap for heroesreally was

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When the NHS saved his life last April, Boris Johnson could not have reacted more fulsomely on social media. “Our NHS is the beating heart of this country,” he waxed lyrical in a widely posted video. “It is the best o...