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Hemingway ‘wannabes’ celebrate author with lookalike contest

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Ernest Hemingway is survived as much by his macho mythology as he is by his writing. Hemingway was in two plane crashes in two days. Hemingway shot himself in both legs while wrangling a shark. Hemingway had at least ...

Hemingway review – a gripping portrait of a literary legend

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Those familiar with the Ken Burns style – memorably put to use to unpick such varied topics as the Vietnam war, jazz and baseball – will expect a certain standard from the renowned documentary-maker’s take on Ernest H...

TV esta noche: Ken Burns chronicles the life of Ernest Hemingway

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The American documentary supremo Ken Burns returns with this six-part series dissecting the life and legacy of one of the greats of modern American letters: Ernest Hemingway. Co-directed by Lynn Novick, it chronicles...