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‘A surge of hope’: public helps create poem celebrating coming of spring

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Some described chance encounters with birds and animals beginning to chirrup and scurry as the days lengthened and warmed; others focused on feelings of relief, hope and lingering melancholy after a long and challengi...

'Om disleksies te wees help my om kreatief te raak': een tegnologie-entrepreneur oor haar bronne van inspirasie

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Pip Jamieson is die stigter van The Dots, 'n professionele netwerk vir kreatiewe. Beskryf haarself as "heerlik dislekties", Jamieson kon nie lees totdat sy was nie 11. Nietemin, sy het 'n eerste in ekonomie opgetel..

‘I feel more secure’: how a holistic approach helps India’s beggars build a better life

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Pandit Tulsidas, 52, was resting under a tree by a road junction in Jaipur, Rajasthan, where he had begged for years. When an official approached him about a government scheme that would teach him job skills, he rejec...

‘I was scared I’d be deported’: how a charity helps children seeking asylum feel safe

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Musa’s only thought was that he needed to disappear from his home country, and disappear fast, even if he didn’t know where he was going to end up: “I just had to vanish,” onthou hy. “I don’t know what I was hoping...

‘It helps disguise me’: Bryan Brown on getting recognised, stolen cars and identifying with objects

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Bryan Brown is one of Australia’s most storied actors. He was underworld boss Pando in Two Hands, where he faced off against a young Heath Ledger between games of Scrabble. He was Lt Peter Handcock in Breaker Morant; ...

‘Losing helps you grow’: US men recover to make basketball quarter-finals

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The US lost their first two exhibition games of the summer in Las Vegas, dropped their opening game at these Olympics and had a difficult time shaking free of the Czech Republic in their group-play finale. None of tha...

‘So vague, it invites abuse’: how Twitter’s new privacy policy helps the far right

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How could a policy intended to protect against doxxing and harassment go so wrong, so quickly? Verlede week, Twitter announced it would start penalizing users who tweet “private media”, or images of other users shared wi...

‘Spiritual medicine’: orchestra helps people with dementia write music

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Op papier, it may seem like an odd pairing: the Manchester Camerata, one of Europe’s most renowned orchestras, and Gorton, the tough Manchester suburb where Shameless was filmed. Though a £100m regeneration project has...

AI helps return Rembrandt’s The Night Watch to original size

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The Night Watch by Rembrandt has enraptured millions visiting Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum and its previous homes over the centuries, dazzling with its scale and fine detail. But it is only from today, thanks to the use of...

Andros Townsend screamer helps Everton to comeback win over Burnley

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“The prospect of my first night match at Goodison Park as Everton manager is exciting,” read the opening line of Rafael Benítez’s programme notes. The reality did not disappoint. Everton transformed a war of attrition...

Ash Barty’s sorcery helps her to survive life under the Australian lens

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The cameras follow her every move, naby aan 100 lenses all expertly trained almost singularly on the star of this show. Court-side, the photo pit is full to the brim, its occupants either sat on chairs or crouched on ...

Ashton se driekuns help Warrington om Castleford se uitspeelbod in die Superliga te beëindig

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Op die ou end, die draaiboekskrywers het seker 'n ruskans gehad. Dit moes eenvoudig nie so eindig vir Daryl Powell en Castleford Tigers nie. Kyk na die legendariese kaptein van die klub wat lank dien, Michael ...

Blustery bank holiday helps windfarms set new clean energy record

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Britain’s windfarms set a new clean energy record on Monday after the blowy bank holiday weather helped onshore and offshore wind turbines make up almost half of the electricity system. The blustery bank holiday produ...

BMX double helps power Team GB to six more Olympic medals

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A stunning medal double on the BMX track added to Great Britain’s Tokyo Olympics haul on a day of frenetic activity in which the squad won six medals to take Team GB’s overall tally to 26. Great Britain also progresse...

Brentford stun Chelsea as Christian Eriksen helps inspire wild comeback

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It had been another eventful week in the weird world of Chelsea, where supporter dissent against the Ricketts family’s controversial bid to buy the club showed no sign of dying down, but few people could have imagined...

British Museum helps return 2,000-year-old looted statue to Libya

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An illegally trafficked, incredibly rare 2,000-year-old marble statue of a Greek goddess has been returned to Libya after a long-running repatriation case involving experts at the British Museum. The well-preserved ma...

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