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Eight feared dead after helicopter crashes into lake in Russia

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Eight people including a child are feared dead and two others said to be in a serious condition after a helicopter carrying 16 tourists and crew crashed into a lake during on a sightseeing trip in the far east of Russ...

Helicopter carrying Colombian president and senior officials hit by gunfire

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Colombia’s president Iván Duque said a helicopter carrying him and several senior officials came under fire in the southern Catatumbo region bordering Venezuela, in a rare instance of a direct attack on a presidential...

Boris Johnson took ‘unnecessary’ helicopter trip to promote bike scheme

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Boris Johnson has been criticised for taking a short helicopter flight from London to the West Midlands to promote a local bike hire scheme, despite the train from London taking just more than two hours. Critics said ...

Mars helicopter Ingenuity: Nasa about to try historic flight

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Nasa on Monday will attempt to fly a miniature helicopter above the surface of Mars in what would be the first powered, controlled flight of an aircraft on another planet. If all goes to plan, the 1.8kg helicopter wil...

Czech Republic’s richest man dies in Alaska helicopter crash

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The Czech Republic’s richest man, Petr Kellner, has been killed in a helicopter crash in Alaska, his financial group PPF has said. The 56-year-old billionaire and four others died in the crash, whose circumstances we...

French billionaire politician Olivier Dassault dies in helicopter crash

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The French billionaire and conservative politician Olivier Dassault has been killed in a helicopter crash, Emmanuel Macron has announced. Dassault, 69, was the eldest son of French billionaire industrialist Serge Dass...