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Helen Bailey killer ‘didn’t seem distressed’ after wife’s death, la corte escucha

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The man convicted of killing the children’s author Helen Bailey in 2016 appeared calm after the death of his wife and there were no signs he had tried to revive her, a paramedic has told a court. ian stewart, 61, is o...

Helen Marten review – Turner winner’s new show leaves you gasping

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A number of drawings by Helen Marten hang in the small rear gallery at Sadie Coles HQ. A close up of a coyote’s belly and abdomen, delicately drawn; un gato; people playing pool. Some make me think of surrealist André M...

Meet the real Helen Levitt, New York’s most intimate chronicler

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The American poet and cultural critic David Levi Strauss memorably described Helen Levitt as “maybe the most celebrated and least known photographer of her time”. That was in 1997, when Levitt was 84 and the subject o...

Helen Hunt to star in satire at the Old Vic about ‘a highly contagious virus’

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Helen Hunt is to star in a “wince-inducing” satire at the Old Vic in London, about a community split by their views on vaccination. Eureka Day, about a mumps outbreak at a school in California, is described by the the...

A bee: before it dies, its mouth opens and closes, kissing the ground

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A small girl is eating ice cream. She is at a lake, “Zoo Lake”, in the middle of a city. People who live nearby hear the Zoo’s lions roaring at night. (A world and a century away, in Innisfree, Yeats lives “alone in t...

¿Podría The Guardian haber resistido la atracción magnética de la metrópoli??

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En la semana que celebramos el 200 aniversario de The Guardian, Quizás es hora de considerar uno de los mayores cambios que se han producido en los dos siglos de su existencia.. En 24 agosto 1959, el Manchester Guardian re ...

Enough with the origin stories. Film-making has become too risk-averse

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The trailer for Pixar’s upcoming film Lightyear debuted last week, and met an unexpectedly muted response from film fans. It promises to be a fun, child-friendly animated space adventure with Chris Evans leading the v...

"Como un Rothko bailando salvajemente al ritmo del jazz", reseña de Helen Frankenthaler

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Generalmente tienes que ir a Nueva York para hacer el expresionismo abstracto correctamente.. Por un momento, entre los muy, cuadros muy grandes, Pensé que estaba entre los rascacielos, hasta que miré por la ventana..

Dame Helen Mirren as the Shame Wizard: Human Resources is Big Mouth’s star-packed spin-off

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Netflix’s Big Mouth set out to perform a very specific task. An animated comedy featuring teenagers who are visited by hormone monsters, it planted its flag as a frank exploration of puberty as it objectively is; an a...

A donkey: ‘Better to be born a limpet in the sea than a load bearing donkey’

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When a donkey brays it is as though every rusted gate nearby is opening and closing at once; as though the iron seesaws and swings and roundabouts in one hundred abandoned playgrounds have begun to move by themselves:...

It is vital to control diseases such as polio – so why is the UK cutting global vaccine funding?

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We are talking again about polio – a disease that ran rampant in the 1950s, paralysing thousands of children every year. The successful introduction of polio vaccine in 1956 into the UK, and later more widely, has res...

Helen Garner on Janet Malcolm: ‘Her writing turns us into better readers’

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I can’t remember which of Janet Malcolm’s books I read first. She seems to have been making things blossom in my head since the day I started thinking purposefully about anything. She was the author of 12 libros, inclu...

Helen Frankenthaler: Radical Beauty review – the most sublime show of the year?

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The show of the season, if not the year, is a sequence of 36 visions of such overwhelming beauty at the Dulwich Picture Gallery that the urge is to remain there all day. It is like being surrounded by some ever-changi...

The nature of a dragonfly: weigher of souls

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Dragonflies have a near-perfect hunting record, successfully grabbing their prey in mid-air 95% of the time: they do this while flying skywards, earthwards, side to side, backwards and upside down. In one experiment, ...

We must be frank about this booster campaign – it will mean longer NHS waiting lists

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Just when we thought things were getting better, a new Covid variant is making things worse. Some people are reacting with anger, some are reacting with disbelief, most – if the patients I have seen in the last 24 hou...

Helen Glover: ‘I’ve never demonstrated self-restraint with ice-cream’

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My dad has an ice-cream shop in Newlyn, Cornualles, called Jelbert’s. It’s been in our family for about 100 años. I remember when my dad would go to work and we were getting ready for school, we had this ritual of runn...

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