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Heavy snowfall leaves passengers stranded in Istanbul Airport – video

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Europe’s busiest airport shut down in Istanbul on Monday as a rare snowstorm blanketed swathes of the eastern Mediterranean, causing blackouts and traffic havoc.Flights were grounded for around 24 hours at Istanbul Ai...

Biden warns Russia will ‘pay heavy priceif it invades Ukraine – video

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Joe Biden sought to clarify US policy on a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine after his remarks about how the Nato alliance might respond to a 'minor incursion' triggered alarm in Kyiv. Biden told reporters at the W...

Por lo menos 22 stranded tourists dead at Pakistan hill station after heavy snowfall – video

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Por lo menos 22 tourists died in freezing temperatures after being stranded in their vehicles in northern Pakistan, where thousands had flocked to enjoy the snow. Algunos 1,000 vehicles are still stranded in Murree, 40 miles...

Australia’s mouse plague legacy leaves levies damaged following heavy floods – video

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Australia's mice plague is leaving a new legacy for farmers following recent floods. Holes left by mice for tunnels and nests are causing levy banks to leak and sometimes fail following severe weather. In some instanc...

‘Further flooding’: heavy rain and severe storms to hit already soaked NSW

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The south-east region of New South Wales could receive up to 200mm of rain before the end of the week, adding to already soaked catchments and high rivers that have flooded across the state. The heavy falls could deli...

Las Finales ATP de Cameron Norrie terminan con una dura derrota ante Novak Djokovic

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La temporada estelar de Cameron Norrie terminó con una reprimenda derrota ante Novak Djokovic en las Finales ATP en Turín, con el mundo no 1 victorioso 6-2, 6-1. La recompensa del número uno británico por 50 gana el partido, un primer título ATP en Ind ...

Las fuertes lluvias en el oeste de Canadá y EE. UU. Causan "devastadores’ inundaciones y evacuaciones por chispa - video

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Al menos una persona ha muerto y se teme que varias más mueran después de que una gran tormenta azotara el noroeste del Pacífico., destruyendo carreteras y dejando sin electricidad a decenas de miles de personas en Canadá y Estados Unidos..

Las fuertes lluvias en Canadá y EE. UU. Causan "devastadores’ inundaciones y evacuaciones por chispa - video

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Continuo, Las fuertes lluvias han causado grandes inundaciones y deslizamientos de tierra en partes de Canadá y los EE. UU.. Decenas de miles se quedaron sin electricidad y se ordenaron evacuaciones masivas después de la precipitación récord.. Buscar y resc ...

India floods: por lo menos 25 dead after heavy rains spark landslides in Kerala

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Por lo menos 25 people have died in landslides and floods triggered by heavy rains in south-western India, officials said on Sunday, as rescuers scoured muddy debris for survivors and the military flew in emergency suppli...

‘Heavy casualties’ as explosion hits Shia mosque in Afghanistan

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A large explosion tore through a Shia mosque in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar during Friday prayers, causing heavy casualties, a spokesperson for the Taliban government’s interior ministry said. Qari Saeed Khos...

‘It is with a heavy heart that I leave’ – why the unrelieved pressure is pushing GPs to quit

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Concern has been growing for years that GPs are burning out, and sometimes dropping out, in the face of increasingly heavy and complex workloads that many have described as being already unsustainable, if not impossib...

Clima del Reino Unido: flood risk as heavy rain hits parts of England and Scotland

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Heavy rain and up to 60mph winds will hit parts of England and Scotland and could cause flooding, travel disruption and power outages on Saturday. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for the east and sou...

La Generación X es pesada, bebedores arriesgados. ¿Alguna vez algo nos persuadirá de detenernos??

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Mi primer trabajo en periodismo fue editar una revista gratuita llamada Rasp.. En 1995, organizamos una competencia por el suministro de un año de cerveza de limón Two Dogs, el alcopop australiano. Dos perros intentaron enviarnos 365 botellas, y yo negoci ...

Bristol man dies after crane tips while moving heavy load

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A man has died after a crane tipped over while moving a heavy load, reported to be a hot tub. Avon and Somerset police were called to a residential address in the Mangotsfield area of Bristol on Monday morning. The ma...

Anti-Taliban forces endure ‘heavy assaults’ in Panjshir valley – video report

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Afghan resistance fighters clashed with the Taliban in the Panjshir valley, the final province holding out against hardline Islamist control. Celebratory gunfire rang out across Kabul late on Friday as rumours spread ...

Afganistán: militia endure ‘heavy assaults’ from Taliban in Panjshir Valley

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Militia forces say they are enduring “heavy assaults” as they battle the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley, the final holdout against hardline Islamist control. The Taliban face the enormous challenge of shifti...

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