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Converted offices pose ‘deadly risk’ in heatwaves, experts warn

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The conversion of offices into flats in urban centres poses a “potentially deadly risk” to occupants as the intensity of heatwaves rises, experts have warned. Further relaxation of planning rules from Sunday mean even...

Urban heat island effect exacerbating summer heatwaves, study shows

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The sweltering heat endured by major American cities is being fueled by vast swaths of concrete and a lack of greenery that can ratchet up temperatures by nearly 9F (5C) compared with surrounding rural areas, new rese...

How have you been affected by the heatwaves in the US and Canada?

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Dozens of deaths have been linked to a record-breaking heatwave in the western US and Canada. The US president, Joe Biden, has blamed the climate crisis for also causing blackouts and wildfires. In Canada, the tempera...