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Novak Djokovic lost his bid for history but may have finally won the hearts of fans

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Something was wrong. The machine was malfunctioning. The power was blinking on and off. Routine backhands were dropping into the net. Forehands were flying long. On Amazon, which was hosting UK television coverage of ...

Record-breaker Cristiano Ronaldo’s late goals for Portugal break Ireland’s hearts

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Cristiano Ronaldo would not be denied. He had a penalty saved by Gavin Bazunu and then saw John Egan give the Republic of Ireland a deserved lead. But Manchester United’s newest signing struck twice in the dying minut...

Celtic slump to opening Scottish Premiership defeat at promoted Hearts

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Newly promoted Hearts struck a dramatic late winner to stun Celtic in a pulsating Scottish Premiership opener at Tynecastle. Gary Mackay-Steven swept home from close range to open the scoring after just eight minutes,...

Death disruptor: how an Australian funnel-web spider may help human hearts

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A protein in the venom of a deadly Australian funnel-web spider may be able to reduce cardiac damage from heart attacks and extend the life of donor hearts used in transplants, volgens nuwe navorsing. Venom from th...

Hearts, pebbles, flags: handmade tributes mourn nation’s lost lives

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It began with simple hearts painted on a wall by the Thames. Now people across the UK are constructing their own Covid memorials, from rainbow-painted lawns to hundreds of flags on a Welsh mountainside. Although Boris...

Wall of hearts grows as a memorial to loved ones taken by coronavirus

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Sabrina Montgregge has witnessed more than most the grief left behind by each death from Covid. The 28-year-old works in the intensive care unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and has met hundreds of patients and...

Keep your head: the self-decapitating sea slugs that regrow their bodies – hearts and all

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If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, then it’s unlikely that you are a sacoglossan sea slug (apologies to Rudyard Kipling). Scientists in Japan have discovered that this species of sea slug ...