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US rapper DMX dies aged 50 following heart attack

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DMX, the New York rapper whose gruff tone electrified the US music scene in the late 1990s, is oorlede op ouderdom 50. The star, whose real name was Earl Simmons, was hospitalised after a heart attack on 2 April, and had been ...

Martyrs Lane review – gothic supernatural mystery with a warm beating heart

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Leah (Kiera Thompson) feels like a stranger in her own house. Home for the 10-year-old is a Victorian vicarage, but it is not a place of comfort. Her morose mum Sarah (Denise Gough) berates her when she comes back wit...

Putinism is breeding in the heart of the Republican party

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The world is frighteningly locked in a battle to the death between democracy and authoritarianism. On Sunday Vladimir Putin issued a new threat to the west – telling his defense minister and his top military commander...

Arielle Smith: ‘In ballet I’d die of a broken heart or wait for a man to save me’

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“In my day-to-day life I’m so uncoordinated,” says Arielle Smith. “I’ve never had a test, but I’m pretty sure I’m dyspraxic.” It’s an unusual admission for a choreographer, but like stutterers who find they can sing f...

Boris Johnson se minagting vir integriteit is die vrot hart van die Paterson-aangeleentheid

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Boris Johnson is 'n wet op sy eie. Sy huismeester by Eton het kennis geneem van sy oortuiging dat hy as ''n uitsondering' behandel moet word, een wat vry moet wees van die netwerk van verpligting wat almal bind”. Hy ontmoet selde ...

Former Australia wicketkeeper Ryan Campbell in intensive care after heart attack

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Former Australia ODI wicketkeeper Ryan Campbell has suffered a heart attack and is in intensive care in a London hospital. The 50-year-old was at a playground with his children at the weekend when he collapsed. The ne...

Prince Philip leaves hospital after heart surgery

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The Duke of Edinburgh has left the King Edward VII’s hospital in central London where he has been recovering after heart surgery four weeks after first being admitted. He was driven away from the private hospital, whe...

US study finds potential dog food link to canine heart disease

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A new study by the Food and Drug Administration highlights research linking certain dog foods to canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a severe heart disease. According to a new report published Thursday, researchers c...

was voorheen geprioritiseer vir 'n hartoorplanting by Brigham and Women's Hosp..

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Wat sommige wetenskapfiksie noem, Wat sommige wetenskapfiksie noem. Wat sommige wetenskapfiksie noem, Wat sommige wetenskapfiksie noem.

Nets’ seven-time All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge retires suddenly after heart scare

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LaMarcus Aldridge retired from the NBA on Thursday after saying he experienced an irregular heartbeat during what proved to be his final game with the Brooklyn Nets. Aldridge, 35, posted a statement on social media sa...

A grove, not Gove – the primary school with nature at its heart

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It shouldn’t be controversial that schools should be well designed: that the spaces where much of everyone’s childhoods are spent should, as a minimum, be well lit, well proportioned and well planned; that there shoul...

Why Britain is taking country music to its achy-breaky heart

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Country music – with its songs about love and loss, trucks and tequila, beers and bust-ups – has long been the melodic backdrop to rural and small town America. Now it’s booming in Britain too. One look at the digital...

‘A heartbreaker and a heart mender’: how Sapphire’s Push birthed a new American heroine

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In the Reagan years, I was a teenager, more reader than writer, when I discovered the work of Sapphire. As a college student, I hung out with a cluster of intense, arty types, sharing battered copies of chapbooks, zin...

Slaap om 22:00 gekoppel aan 'n laer risiko van hartsiektes, studie bevind

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Wanneer dit by slaap kom, Gouelokkies het dalk aangevoer die truuk is om 'n bed te vind wat "net reg" is, maar navorsing dui daarop dat daar ook 'n optimale tyd kan wees om af te knik - ten minste wanneer dit kom by hartgesondheid. Nie te e...

‘I fell in love with it in a profound way’: how The Quiet Girl’s fostering story captured its director’s heart

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Colm Bairéad resigned himself to walking away empty-handed from the Irish Film and TV awards in March. His tiny-budget Irish language drama The Quiet Girl was up against Kenneth Branagh’s multi-Oscar-nominated juggern...

Czernowin: Heart Chamber review

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Though her works are still hardly known in Britain, Chaya Czernowin is a major, distinctive voice in new music on both sides of the Atlantic. Heart Chamber, first performed in Berlin in November 2019, is her fourth op...

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