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was voorheen geprioritiseer vir 'n hartoorplanting by Brigham and Women's Hosp..

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Wat sommige wetenskapfiksie noem, Wat sommige wetenskapfiksie noem. Wat sommige wetenskapfiksie noem, Wat sommige wetenskapfiksie noem.

From Billy Elliot to Spider-Man: how Tom Holland won the world’s heart

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Tom Holland was obsessed with Spider-Man as a boy. Growing up in Kingston upon Thames, he came to own more than 30 Spider-Man costumes and cherished his Spider-Man bedsheets. En, unlike for most, his childhood obsess...

My baby screeches like a banshee and my heart melts. What have I become?

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Uh oh, it has happened. I have officially turned into that person. You know who I mean: the adult who seems oblivious to the fact that their screeching infant is not the most adorable thing to crawl the face of this E...

NHS pilots genetic testing to predict risk of heart disease

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A world-first pilot of predictive genetic testing aiming to identify those at high risk of cardiovascular disease is under way in GP surgeries in the north of England. The NHS pilot, called Heart, is offering genetic ...

Hartaanvalpasiënt maak alarm nadat NHS hom aangeraai het om eie pad hospitaal toe te maak

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'n Ambulansdiens het om verskoning gevra nadat 'n man wat 'n hartaanval gehad het, aangeraai is om homself hospitaal toe te kry of 'n lang wag in die gesig te staar. Graham Reagan het gesê sy seun moes hom hospitaal toe ry nadat hy die naaste vm..

Why pig-to-human heart transplant is for now only a last resort

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The world’s first transplant of a genetically altered pig heart into an ailing human is a landmark for medical science, but the operation, and the approach more broadly, raise substantial safety and ethical concerns. ...

Heart attack patients told to make own way to hospital as Covid surge hits northern England

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Heart attack patients calling 999 in parts of northern England are being asked to get a lift instead of waiting for an ambulance as hospitals in the region experience more than double the growth rate in numbers of Cov...

Alejandro Agag’s Extreme E is the first sport with climate crisis at its heart

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Alejandro Agag laughs in his smooth and charming way when I read out a quote which suggests that, as the founder and chairman of Formula E and the driving force behind Extreme E, the new environmentally conscious moto...

Jerusalem in My Heart: Qalaq review – bearing witness to a manufactured apocalypse

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Radwan Ghazi Moumneh has had a hand in some of the most astonishing experimental music this side of the millennium, both behind the scenes as recording engineer at Montreal studio Hotel2Tango and on stage fronting his...

The hardest working man in Chinatown: the retired chef who became the beating heart of his community

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A man like Yuk Luzn Man simply does not retire. From the age of 14, Man always worked. In his twenties he moved to the UK from Hong Kong to work in his brother’s fish and chip shop in Southend. His memories of that ti...

Slaap om 22:00 gekoppel aan 'n laer risiko van hartsiektes, studie bevind

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Wanneer dit by slaap kom, Gouelokkies het dalk aangevoer die truuk is om 'n bed te vind wat "net reg" is, maar navorsing dui daarop dat daar ook 'n optimale tyd kan wees om af te knik - ten minste wanneer dit kom by hartgesondheid. Nie te e...

Boris Johnson se minagting vir integriteit is die vrot hart van die Paterson-aangeleentheid

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Boris Johnson is 'n wet op sy eie. Sy huismeester by Eton het kennis geneem van sy oortuiging dat hy as ''n uitsondering' behandel moet word, een wat vry moet wees van die netwerk van verpligting wat almal bind”. Hy ontmoet selde ...

Tackling deforestation must be at the heart of our response to the climate crisis

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This morning, at the all-important Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow, the prime minister is urging world leaders to commit to take radical action to reverse the catastrophic degradation of the world’s forests. It is...

Indian actor Puneeth Rajkumar dies aged 46 after heart attack

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Puneeth Rajkumar, a leading star of southern Indian regional cinema, has died after a heart attack. Hy was 46. Rajkumar had performed lead roles in 29 movies and also appeared on television, where he was the host of a...

Art at their heart: homes that have become museums

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If you are reading these pages, chances are you like nothing more than having a good snoop around other people’s houses. Below is a selection of five of the world’s best house museums – inspiring, creative, but ultima...

‘It is with a heavy heart that I leave’ – why the unrelieved pressure is pushing GPs to quit

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Concern has been growing for years that GPs are burning out, and sometimes dropping out, in the face of increasingly heavy and complex workloads that many have described as being already unsustainable, if not impossib...

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