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Healthcare workers in the UK: what is the situation like where you are?

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The UK reported its highest number of Covid deaths for seven months this week, as 223 were recorded within 28 days of a positive test for the virus. Confirmed cases have risen steadily in October, with Covid rates so...

The NHS leads the world in green healthcare. But it faces a political roadblock

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If news reflected the magnitude of the planet’s crisis, one story would splash the headlines every day, filling every column inch, airtime minute and swipe of TikTok. Writing about anything else often seems trivial. C...

Healthcare workers in the UK: share your experiences of the pandemic

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With winter approaching and patients still experiencing delays to treatment due to the pandemic, ministers have ordered a major relaxation of coronavirus infection control measures in England’s hospitals in an effort ...

Meer as 2,000 healthcare workers in isolation placing hospital systems under pressure

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Meer as 2,000 health workers across NSW, Victoria and the ACT are currently in isolation, placing more pressure on the remaining workforce as Covid cases continue to climb. The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association s...

Kanada: Alberta healthcare system on verge of collapse as Covid cases and anti-vax sentiments rise

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A surge in coronavirus cases has pushed the healthcare system in the Canadian province of Alberta to the verge of collapse, as healthcare workers struggle against mounting exhaustion and a growing anti-vaccine movemen...

Coronavirus live nuus: Die entstofmandaat van die Franse gesondheidswerker tree in werking; rantsoenering van gesondheidsorg 'op hande' vir Idaho

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Die departement van gesondheid in Idaho sê 'Ons sien geen hoogtepunt nie'; Franse hospitaalpersoneel, dokters, ambulansbestuurders, aftree- en bejaardesorgwerkers moet ingeënt word

Coronavirus live nuus: Rantsoenering van gesondheidsorg in Idaho; pandemie se 'verwoestende' impak op MIV, TB en malaria

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Leiers in openbare gesondheid in Idaho aktiveer 'krisisstandaarde vir sorg' te midde van stygende gevalle; Global Fund sê 2020 was die eerste jaar in die geskiedenis van die fonds wat die belangrikste programmatiese resultate oor MIV was, TB en malaria het agteruit gegaan

US ranks last in healthcare among 11 wealthiest countries despite spending most

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The US is last on a ranking of healthcare systems among 11 of the wealthiest countries in the world despite spending the highest percentage of its GDP on healthcare, according to a new report from the Commonwealth Fun...

NHS drops from first to fourth among rich countries’ healthcare systems

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The NHS has lost its prestigious ranking as the best health system in a study of 11 rich countries by an influential US thinktank. The UK has fallen from first to fourth in the Commonwealth Fund’s latest analysis of t...

Therapy via Zoom should make mental healthcare available for all – it hasn’t

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Whether with a private therapist on Zoom, through an app that daily reminds us to log our emotions, or in a back-and-forth with a chatbot, teletherapy is often proffered as a catch-all salve for our current mental hea...

Healthcare providers in England can still insist on masks after 19 Julie

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Hospitals, GPs and other health providers will still be able to require patients and visitors to wear masks unless they are exempt, after Public Health England (PHE) said existing guidance on Covid infection control w...

Rising public anger over Iraq’s healthcare system after ward fire

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The death toll from an overnight inferno in a Covid hospital ward in southern Iraq has risen to 64, amid rising anger and questions about the competence of the country’s health sector. The blaze was the second in a co...

Spire Healthcare accepts £1bn takeover offer from Australian rival

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Spire Healthcare has accepted an improved takeover offer from an Australian rival, valuing the UK private hospital business at more than £1bn. The board of Spire said shareholders should accept the 250p-a-share cash d...

How algorithms are cutting Americanshealthcare – video

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US states are using algorithms to figure out whether people are eligible for public benefits and how much care they should receive. But it isn't without its problems. For example, in Arkansas a combination of design d...

What happened when a ‘wildly irrational’ algorithm made crucial healthcare decisions

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Going up against an algorithm was a battle unlike any other Larkin Seiler had faced. Because of his cerebral palsy, the 40-year-old, who works at an environmental engineering firm and loves attending sports games of n...

UDG Healthcare takeover moves closer as private equity firm makes £2.8bn bid

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The US private equity firm Clayton, Dubilier & Rice has moved a step closer to its takeover of UDG Healthcare after raising its offer to £2.8bn and winning backing from big shareholders. CD&R has increased its...

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