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Call for ‘new deal’ for England’s children as poll shows mental health concerns

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Forty per cent of girls aged 16 a 17 are unhappy with their mental health, more than double the rate for boys, according to a landmark report that calls for the “greatest investment possible” in catchup for schools a...

GPs are the overlooked crisis in the health service. If we fail, so does the NHS

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In summer 2020 I had been working at the same GP practice for 10 years and had seen the workload increase steadily. Each Monday morning I would start at 8am to get through the list of 50 phone calls and to see those n...

Veterans at UK’s largest barracks at risk of losing mental health support

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Vulnerable veterans of wars in Afghanistan and Iraq living in supported housing at the UK’s largest barracks are set to lose help with mental health problems, triggering fears of a return to homelessness and lost live...

UK psychiatry chief urges funds to tackle mental health backlog

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The “catastrophic” impact of the pandemic on mental health could wipe out years of progress unless there is a significant injection of cash, the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists has said. Psychiatrists ...

Health ‘levelling up’ will flop if cuts are not reversed, Javid told

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Sajid Javid’s vow to “level up health” will fail unless the government reverses a decade of cuts to public health, one of the world’s leading experts will warn on Monday. The health secretary has announced the creatio...

‘We have nothing’: treating Covid-19 in Papua New Guinea’s broken health system

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In a country where nurses are forced to use rice packets as gloves and laundry detergent as disinfectant, treating coronavirus has been an enormously difficult task. Pacific editor Kate Lyons recommends this article a...

‘I couldn’t wait’: Britons without health insurance on why they paid to go private

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Spire Healthcare, one of Britain’s leading private hospital operators, has returned to profit after a surge in patients choosing to pay for hip and knee operations. Long waiting lists on the NHS have resulted in more ...

‘Everything just kept getting bigger!’ Genesis on prog, 80s stardom and Phil Collins’s health

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‘Genesis have always been slightly below the radar,” says keyboardist Tony Banks. “We’ve never been part of a current trend; we don’t tend to get awards; we’re just sort of … there. People that like us really like us,...

Sajid Javid promises health shake-up to fight ‘disease of disparity’

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Sajid Javid has pledged a new approach to public health to tackle the “disease of disparity”, after he admitted the coronavirus pandemic had laid bare the UK’s underlying health inequalities. The health secretary said...

France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers without pay

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France has suspended 3,000 health workers without pay for refusing the Covid vaccine. The health minister, Olivier Véran, said the staff had been notified in writing before the government-imposed deadline to have at l...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: France health worker vaccine mandate comes into effect; healthcare rationing ‘imminent’ for Idaho

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Idaho department of health says ‘We do not see a peak in sight’; French hospital staff, doctores, ambulance drivers, retirement and aged care home workers must be vaccinated

The terrible cost of neglecting children’s mental health

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The distressing story of children being admitted to general wards because mental health beds aren’t available (Sharp rise in acute medical beds occupied by children with nowhere else to go, 13 septiembre) is a story th...

Soñar en! El sorprendente beneficio para la salud de una estancia de fin de semana

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Nombre: El fin de semana acostado. Envejecer: Tan viejo como el fin de semana. Apariencia: Un bulto inmóvil debajo de un edredón., con el sol brillando sobre él. Ah! Que placer culpable. Aparentemente, no deberías sentirte culpable. Porque no eres ....

‘Balance is fulfilling’: how to look after your mental health at uni

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Transition points in life, such as going to university, can be exciting, but they can also bring up feelings of stress, anxiety and nervousness. Making a big life change during a pandemic is even more of a challenge. ...

Dinos: have you paid for hospital treatment without health insurance?

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As NHS waiting lists for non-urgent surgeries reached unprecedented levels during the pandemic, some have resorted to pay for healthcare themselves. Spire Healthcare, one of Britain’s leading private hospital operator...

Joe Wicks: ‘Exercise for your mental health and the body will follow’

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Joe Wicks, 34, the nation’s go-to body coach during the pandemic kept millions on their toes and raised £580,000 for the NHS (PE with Joe on YouTube ran most weekdays between March 2020 and March 2021). Later this mon...

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