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Military plane rushes baby formula to US health systems

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Store shelves across the US remain short of baby formula after a military plane carrying enough to fill half a million baby bottles arrived in the US on Sunday but its contents were rushed to health system outlets to ...

‘We can’t switch off’: MP’s staff member reveals mental health pressure

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A survey of nearly 200 staff working for various MPs, the first of its kind in the UK, has found that almost half met the medical threshold for psychological distress – more than twice the level in the general populat...

Record 420,000 children a month in England treated for mental health problems

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Más que 400,000 children and young people a month are being treated for mental health problems – the highest number on record – prompting warnings of an unprecedented crisis in the wellbeing of under-18s. Experts sa...

Does turmeric’s reputation translate into real health benefits?

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While Kamal Patel was probing through the reams of user data on – a website that calls itself “the internet’s largest database of nutrition and supplement research” – before a planned revamp later this yea...

Monkeypox could significantly disrupt UK sexual health services, experto dice

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Monkeypox could have a “massive impact” on access to UK sexual health services, a leading doctor has warned. Dr Claire Dewsnap, the president of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV, has voiced concern ab...

UK universities urged to boost mental health support after student death

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Universities could face “immense difficulties” in adjusting their teaching and learning support for students with hidden or emerging disabilities, after a landmark ruling awarded £50,000 in damages to the estate of a ...

El gobierno de Nueva Gales del Sur gastó menos en PPE y salud mental, Auditoría de $ 7.5 mil millones de gastos de Covid encuentra

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El gobierno de Nueva Gales del Sur gastó menos de lo necesario en equipos de protección personal y servicios de salud mental y desembolsó cerca de 200 millones de dólares en máscaras y ventiladores importados defectuosos como parte de los gastos pandémicos de 7500 millones de dólares del estado..

New Order singer criticises ‘ludicrous’ NHS mental health waiting lists

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The lead singer of New Order has attacked “ludicrous” NHS waiting lists for mental health support, as he spoke out about his anguish at being unable to help his former bandmate Ian Curtis in the days before he took hi...

Alarm as leak reveals Prevent ‘carrying the weight’ for mental health services

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Mental health campaigners have sounded the alarm over a leaked Home Office report into the anti-extremism programme Prevent, which suggests those without extremist views are being referred to the programme to access f...

Jeremy Hunt ‘ignored’ NHS staff shortages while health secretary

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Jeremy Hunt has been accused of ignoring serious NHS staff shortages for years and driving medics out of the profession while health secretary after he intervened this weekend to warn of a workforce crisis. Promoting ...

Two people diagnosed with monkeypox in London, health officials say

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Two more people have been diagnosed with monkeypox in London, los funcionarios de salud dijeron. The pair live in the same household and are not linked to the previous confirmed case in England that was announced on 7 Mayo, the UK...

Threat of being sent to Rwanda ‘harming health of UK asylum seekers’

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Ministers’ threats to send unauthorised migrants to Rwanda are having a detrimental impact on the physical and psychological health of people seeking asylum, according to two major refugee charities. The British Red C...

Joe Wicks says millions of parents suffering mental health issues after lockdown

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Joe Wicks has said he realised the scale of the UK’s mental health crisis when he was inundated with messages from fans during lockdown, saying he would sometimes spend seven hours a day responding to pleas for help. ...

‘Antiquated’ mental health laws in England and Wales set for overhaul

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An overhaul of what Boris Johnson described as “antiquated” mental health laws will make it harder to detain people with learning disabilities and autistic people in hospital. The reforms – which will be part of the Q...

Two donors who gave Tories £1m between them handed public health jobs

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Two businessmen who together donated more than £1m to the Conservative party have been handed prominent public health jobs, igniting a new “cronyism” row. After the government came under criticism for its awarding of ...

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