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UK health inequalities made worse by Covid crisis, study suggests

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The coronavirus crisis has disrupted routine healthcare disproportionately across society with women, older people and minority ethnic groups most likely to report cancelled or delayed appointments, prescriptions and ...

G7: leaders to sign landmark global health declaration to stop future pandemics – live updates

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Leaders of the G7 industrialised countries are meeting in Cornwall this weekend to discuss vaccines, the pandemic recovery and the climate crisis

One-fifth of patients attending hospital from hotel quarantine suffered mental health emergencies

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One-fifth of patients who attended an emergency department from hotel quarantine were suffering from mental health emergencies rather than Covid-19, research led by the Royal Prince Alfred hospital in Sydney has found...

German health minister facing calls to resign over mask furore

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Germany’s health minister is facing calls to resign over accusations his ministry planned to distribute face masks considered inadequate protection against Covid-19 to socially and physically vulnerable people. Jens S...

Coronavirus live news: Malaysia’s intensive care beds ‘are all full’, says health chief

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Malaysian pandemic is ‘critical’ after daily cases top 9,000; Guangzhou orders closure of cinemas, theatres and nightclubs; Melbourne lockdown lifted

Kim Jong-un: apparent weight loss prompts speculation over North Korean leader’s health

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The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has prompted more speculation about his health after recent photographs suggested he had lost weight. Kim, whose heavy frame has drawn global interest since he became the country’...

Is sleep a ‘magic pill’ for teen wellness in a mental health crisis?

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When parents tell Denise Pope, an adolescent well-being expert, they’re worried for their children’s mental health, she responds with a question. “How many hours are they sleeping?” Concerns for youth depression, anx...

Are there limits to using celebrities to discuss race and mental health?

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Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open, after the tennis player was threatened with suspension for refusing to attend press conferences for the sake of her mental health, is the most recent example of the war p...

‘They stormed the ICU and beat the doctor’: health workers under attack

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Since the pandemic began, healthcare workers have been venerated for treating patients with Covid-19, but they have also been attacked for doing their job. Five doctors and nurses treating coronavirus patients, some o...

The criminalization of Covid exposure: how US prosecutors went after a home health aide

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Prosecutors in Camden, New Jersey, sought criminal charges against a home health aide accused of inadvertently exposing an elderly patient to Covid-19 early in the pandemic in what appears to be the only case of its k...

‘Black fungus’ is creating a whole other health emergency for Covid-stricken India

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Covid-19 has killed millions around the world, but for some who are lucky enough to survive the infection, the nightmare is not over: adding insult to injury are deadly fungal infections that follow in the wake of the...

Sport loves athletes with mental health issues – as long as they shut up and play

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Amazing, really, that the most appalling people in tennis are not the ones who applaud piously when the Wimbledon umpire tells the crowd to ensure their mobile phones are switched to silent, nor even the ones who are ...

Covid lockdown school closures ‘hit mothers’ mental health but left fathers unaffected’

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School closures in England during the Covid lockdown badly damaged the mental health of mothers but had no impact on fathers’ wellbeing, research has found. Doing childcare and home schooling as well as their own jobs...

In rich countries, vaccines are making Covid-19 a manageable health issue

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When Covid-19 began to spread rapidly in January 2020, governments across the world had limited strategies to deal with it. Without a vaccine or proven treatments for the disease, or even access to mass testing, the o...

Health experts urge caution on giving Covid vaccines to UK children

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Launching a programme of Covid-19 immunisations for children should be considered only in special circumstances, leading health experts have warned. They say UK medical authorities, who are currently studying how vacc...

Mexico’s doctors protest as vaccines denied to frontline health workers

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Ana Sofía is radiologist at a state-run hospital in the Mexican city of Monterrey, not far from the Texas border. Her work often brings her into close contact with patients, but says she was denied a coronavirus vacci...

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