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Heads warn of weeks of Omicron disruption in English schools

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School leaders in England are warning of weeks of disruption owing to high levels of staff Covid absences, which could lead to children being sent home to learn remotely. One secondary headteacher said he and 26 of hi...

Heads warn of Omicron chaos in English schools, with staff and pupils absent

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Headteachers are warning of “chaos” in England’s schools as Omicron sweeps across the country, with high levels of staff and pupil absences and reports that parents are planning to keep children home to avoid the viru...

Film-maker Prano Bailey-Bond: ‘People think horror is just exploding heads’

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Hierdie keer verlede jaar, writer-director Prano Bailey-Bond was finishing work on her feature Censor and looking forward to 2021. Her unnerving film about horror – rather than a horror film per se – had been invited to the...

‘I can’t go through it again’: heads quit over ‘brutal’ Ofsted inspections

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After more than two decades at inner-city secondary schools, Helen Roberts*, a headteacher, resigned from the job she loves earlier this month. It was not the intense pressure of the pandemic that tipped her over the ...

School heads forced to act like ‘Covid police’ during pandemic

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School leaders felt forced to act as “Covid police” during the pandemic, leading to toxic run-ins with parents and souring relations with their own staff, volgens navorsing. More than half of primary leaders and j...

Bill Gates-backed experimental nuclear power plant heads to tiny Wyoming city

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A tiny city in the top US coal-mining state of Wyoming is set to become the home of an experimental nuclear power project backed by Bill Gates. The new Natrium nuclear power plant will be located in Kemmerer, official...

Australiese politiek leef: Scott Morrison heads to Rome for G20 before climate summit

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Prime minister is flying to Europe amid global criticism of his plan for Australia to reach a net zero emissions target. Volg al die dag se nuus

Students’ solar-powered camper van turns heads on 1,800-mile road trip

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A team of students from the Netherlands are due to complete an 1,800-mile (3,000km) road trip across western Europe in a solar-powered camper van that they designed and built themselves. The Stella Vita is designed fo...

Quantum of solace: even physicists are still scratching their heads

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Your editorial on quantum physics (30 Augustus) starts with a quote from Richard Feynman – “nobody understands quantum mechanics” – and then says “that is no longer true”. Een van ons (Norman Dombey) was taught quantum th...

Filip Helander heads winner for Covid-19 depleted Rangers against Celtic

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There is no such thing as a meaningless victory in an Old Firm fixture. Given the troubled backdrop, this success for Rangers just felt more significant than most. A midweek Covid-19 outbreak within the squad meant S...

Shane Duffy heads Brighton on way to win over Watford and second place

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Graham Potter has backed Shane Duffy to have a long-term future at Brighton after the defender capped his south coast rejuvenation with a thumping header in the comfortable 2-0 win over Watford. The 29-year-old was su...

Tropiese storm Henri koers na die noordooste van die VSA, met 'n orkaanstatus waarskynlik

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Dele van die noordooste van die VSA kan Saterdag laat die gevolge van Tropical Storm Henri ondervind, as die stelsel wat na verwagting 'n orkaanvate na die streek sal word. Stormvloed en die gety ....

China’s herd of wandering elephants finally heads for home

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After an epic 17-month journey that made international headlines, China’s famous herd of wandering elephants appears to finally be heading home. Die 14 Asian elephants of various sizes and ages were guided across the ...

Lesers antwoord: why do some birds’ heads not rock forwards and backwards when they walk?

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It’s all down to good breeding and deportment. GodlessHeathens If you believe pigeons are the most severe example of this behaviour, try chickens. They crane, rotate, jerk and generally goof their necks around even wh...

Why do some birds’ heads not rock forwards and backwards when they walk?

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When most birds walk, their heads snap backwards and forwards – pigeons being probably the most extreme example. Ducks’ heads don’t seem to do this. Why do ducks not and those others do? And which other birds’ heads d...

Dumfries heads Netherlands to 3-2 win and denies Ukraine’s dream comeback

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Denzel Dumfries’s 85th-minute header ruined Ukraine’s comeback and gave the Netherlands the perfect start to their 10th European Championship challenge, with victory to match Austria’s earlier in the day. Roman Yaremc...

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