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Message in a bottle from Japan washes up on Hawaii beach after 37 años

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A glass bottle that was released into the sea 37 years ago by high school students in Japan has been found on the island of Hawaii, about 6,000km away. Students of the natural science club at Choshi High School in the...

Hawaii governor begs tourists to stay away as Covid surges: ‘Not a good time’

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Hawaii’s governor has pleaded with tourists not to travel to the islands as the state struggles to control Covid-19 amid the growing spread of the highly contagious Delta variant. It’s “a risky time to be traveling r...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Hawaii governor wants to curb travel; Israel boosters ‘beating Delta’

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US state asks people to reduce movement to tackle spread of Delta strain; Israel sees cases dip in wake of third shots; Australia’s Crood plan

TV esta noche: head to Hawaii for a razor-sharp satire of rich Americans

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School of Rock’s Mike White writes and directs this razor-sharp satire of wealthy American holidaymakers who unwind and then increasingly unravel at a luxury resort in Hawaii. We open with meeting newlyweds Rachel (A...

‘A perfect storm’: Hawaii firefighters confront Big Island’s largest wildfire in history

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Firefighters on Hawaii’s Big Island in recent days battled the biggest brush fire that has ever burned on the island, wrangling a blaze that has torched more than 62 sq miles (160 sq km) and destroyed two homes. El d...

‘We say it’s a racial paradise’: how two police killings are dividing Hawaii

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En abril, as many Americans sat glued to their screens watching the trial of Derek Chauvin, two fatal police shootings in Honolulu went largely unnoticed. The killings of Iremamber Sykap, a Micronesian teeenager shot ...

Can Hawaii reset its stressed out tourism industry after the pandemic?

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On a recent Sunday morning, Makua Beach looks like the picture of paradise. A stretch of soft, yellow sand lies on a strip of land between the lush Waianae mountain range and the deep blue Pacific Ocean on the north-w...

Hawaii: flooding forces evacuations as officials warn ‘this is climate change

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Heavy rains triggered flooding on multiple Hawaiian islands this week, destroying homes and bridges and setting off mass evacuations. The downpour, officials and climate scientists say, is an example of the more inten...

‘This is nuts’: Hawaii declares state of emergency after flooding and landslides – video

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Hawaii has declared an emergency after heavy rains brought floods, landslides and fear of dam failures in the US state.Authorities ordered the evacuation of several thousand people from communities threatened by risin...

Hawaii governor declares emergency after floods and landslides

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Hawaii’s governor, David Ige, declared an emergency in the US state after heavy rains brought floods, landslides and fear of dam failures, and authorities ordered the evacuation of several thousand people from communi...