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UK minister refuses to rule out people having to sell homes to fund care

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A government minister has been unable to guarantee that some people will not have to sell their homes to fund their own social care amid a backbench rebellion over plans to scale back a cap on costs. The Department of...

‘I considered having kids with Brad Pitt’: Melissa Etheridge on music, motherhood and coming out

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‘Helloooooh! How are you? I’m good, I’m good.” It takes me about three seconds to warm to Melissa Etheridge. The American singer-songwriter has been through hell in the past few years, but you won’t find her moaning. ...

El zar de la movilidad social quiere una campaña contra los niños pequeños que tienen teléfonos móviles

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La nueva comisionada de movilidad social del gobierno les ha dicho a los parlamentarios que quiere lanzar una campaña nacional en la que se les diga a los padres que no les den a sus niños pequeños un teléfono móvil para jugar porque les dificultará la lectura..

Insulate Britain says No 10 avoiding having protesters in prison during Cop26

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Insulate Britain protesters have accused the government of delaying taking action against them to avoid the embarrassment of having demonstrators in prison while Glasgow hosts a crucial climate summit. Members of the ...

Seth Meyers: Facebook tiene "el tipo de semana sobre la que publicarías en Facebook"

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"Las cosas no han ido muy bien para la plataforma de redes sociales más poderosa del mundo.,"Dijo Seth Meyers el miércoles por la noche, un día después de que un ex empleado convertido en denunciante informara a un panel del Congreso que Fac ...

I’m having the best sex of my life. So why do I struggle to orgasm?

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I am a man in my mid-40s and for the past eight or nine months I have been in a wonderful relationship with a woman. The sex was great from the beginning, and more adventurous than I have experienced before. The only ...

Chile protest leader reveals he lied about having cancer

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Chile’s efforts to rewrite its Pinochet-era constitution have been rocked by the revelation that one of its most prominent members has been lying about his very public battle with cancer. Rodrigo Rojas Vade, 37, admit...

Respuesta de los lectores: what evolutionary advantage comes from women having considerably less body hair than men?

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What evolutionary advantage comes from women having considerably less body hair than men? Mal Jones, Cardiff Send new questions to As you get older everything gets hairier and closer to the ground...

This is what I tell friends who are torn about having children

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I am of an age when most of my social group is in their late 30s and early 40s, y, as has always been the case, the majority of my friends are women. So I find myself increasingly having this conversation – usually ...

Female TV anchor who interviewed Taliban official ends up having to flee Afghanistan

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The Afghan television anchor Beheshta Arghand, who interviewed a Taliban official live on air after the fall of Kabul, has since fled to Qatar and told how the militants are pushing women out of journalism. “Women – T...

What evolutionary advantage comes from women having considerably less body hair than men?

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What evolutionary advantage comes from women having considerably less body hair than men? Mal Jones, Cardiff Post your answers (y nuevas preguntas) below or send them to A selection will be publishe...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: China sees new surge of cases; CNN sacks three staff for not having vaccine

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Staff violated company’s zero-tolerance policy, boss says; young Britons will miss out on nightlife if they don’t get jabbed, a new ad says; Australia’s three biggest states are in lockdown

From having a ‘yes day’ to playing with mud: seven ways to help children feel independent

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When you have a child, it’s tempting to become a “curling” parent who sweeps all obstacles out of their way, but children need to take risks to help them become confident, independent adults. So how much freedom shoul...

Top Republicans’ new tone on vaccines having little effect on hardcore holdouts

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Almost like a switch had been flipped, a set of high-profile Republican political figures and conservative media personalities recently shifted their stance on the Covid-19 shots and became more outspoken and proactiv...

We got the bill for having a baby – $37,000. Welcome to life in America

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For the last couple of months my wife and I have been playing a quintessentially American game of Guess the Baby Bill. The rules are simple: try to guess exactly how much we would be charged for the birth of our daugh...

I left my husband because the sex was boring. Now I’m having the same problem with my new partner

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I left my husband because the sex was boring and nonexistent. I’ve since met another guy and while our sex life was great for a while, when we moved in together it all but disappeared. I have to make all the moves. I ...

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