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Facebook is putting profit before public good, says whistleblower Frances Haugen

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Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen came forward as the whistleblower who leaked a cache of internal documents to the Wall Street Journal, days before she is set to testify before US lawmakers. In an interview wit...

Frances Haugen: Facebook harms children and stokes division – video

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Frances Haugen, the former employee who accused Facebook of putting profit over safety, has testified before the US Senate. The whistleblower condemned the extreme secrecy and lack of transparency around Facebook and ...

Frances Haugen takes on Facebook: the making of a modern US hero

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The journey from disillusioned ex-employee to modern-day heroine took Frances Haugen less than five months. The 37-year-old logged out of Facebook’s company network for the last time in May and last week was being pub...

Haugen, London E20: ‘A whole lot of yodelling and melted gruyere’ – restaurant review

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It is impossible to miss Haugen, a multi-floored, pagoda-shaped, alpine-themed fondue restaurant that’s appeared in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Oos -Londen. As erections go, it is remarkable. Look out for the mu...

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen calls for urgent external regulation

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Mark Zuckerberg “has unilateral control over 3 billion people” due to his unassailable position at the top of Facebook, the whistleblower Frances Haugen told MPs as she called for urgent external regulation to rein in...

Mark Zuckerberg should quit Facebook, says Frances Haugen

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Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen has delivered her strongest call yet for Mark Zuckerberg to step down as chief executive of his social media empire, saying the business will be better off with a leader who focus...