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Harvard University will divest its $42bn endowment from all fossil fuels

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Harvard will divest itself from holdings in fossil fuels, the university’s president, Lawrence Bacow, announced late on Thursday. Harvard Management Company, which oversees the university’s vast endowment of almost $4...

Harvard University’s new chief chaplain is … an atheist

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Harvard University, originally founded with a mission to educate clergymen in order to minister to New England’s early Puritan colonists, has a new chief chaplain. His name is Greg Epstein – and he is an atheist. Epst...

Cornel West accuses Harvard University of ‘spiritual bankruptcy’

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Author, activist and scholar Cornel West has resigned from his role as professor at Harvard University, accusing the institution of “an intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy of deep depths”. West, a prominent Black in...

Harvard represents reason and science. So why hasn’t it divested from fossil fuels yet?

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On display in every corner of the Harvard University campus, carved in stone, students find a shield with three books and the inscribed school motto: “Veritas.” Latin for truth. Ah yes, truth. The word rolls easily o...

I graduated Harvard in the middle of the night, having learned a lot about generosity

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Last week I graduated from Harvard in the middle of the night. Some students made it to campus in the final weeks to get a glimpse of closed buildings and real classmates. From behind strict borders and yet another Me...

Harvard closes evolution center after finding connections to Jeffrey Epstein

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Harvard University’s program for evolutionary dynamics is to close after an inquiry into ties between its director, Martin Nowak, and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. According to the university, the mathematics and biol...

Harvard professor sparks outrage with claims about Japan’s ‘comfort women

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A Harvard University professor has sparked outrage among fellow academics and campaigners after claiming that women forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese military had chosen to work in wartime brothels. J Mark Ra...