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After We Fell review – Harry Styles-inspired romance is stupendously wooden

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If you don’t identify as an Afternator or recognise the hashtag #Hessa, a short explanation is necessary. After is a clutch of bestselling YA romance novels once described as “Fifty Shades of Grey for teens”. US autho...

Fan’s view: Newcastle’s owners don’t need wild spending to keep us happy

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Come match day, St James’ Park is the beating heart of Newcastle. Its pride of place in the centre of the city and its iconic roof dominating the skyline and inviting its congregation to assemble are emblematic of how...

Harry Styles, Lianne La Havas, Dave and Fraser T Smith win Ivor awards

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Harry Styles, Lianne La Havas, Dave and Fraser T Smith are the big winners at this year’s Ivor Novello awards, which celebrate Britain’s best songwriters and composers. In their third Ivor Novello win in four years, D...

Romelu Lukaku is flying at Chelsea while Harry Kane is stuck in stasis

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Predator versus predator. There will be a strong temptation when Spurs and Chelsea walk out at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday afternoon to view the latest instalment of this edgy, at times rather sour London ...

Prince Harry blames ‘mass misinformation’ for Covid vaccine hesitancy

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The Duke of Sussex has blamed “mass-scale misinformation” for Covid vaccine hesitancy. Prince Harry made a surprise virtual appearance at the GQ Men of the Year awards, where he presented a prize to Prof Dame Sarah Gi...

Harry Maguire reflects on Euros heartbreak as England return

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Harry Maguire has not rewatched it and the England defender doubts he ever will. Maybe in retirement, hy sê, when he looks back on what he has achieved. But Maguire can still see it clearly. It is seared into his me...

Harry Wilson misses from spot as Wales are held in Finland friendly

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In the summer, it was Gareth Bale who fluffed his lines from the penalty spot without any significant consequences and on Wednesday it was Harry Wilson who failed to beat the goalkeeper from 12 yards as Wales played o...

David Squires on … the Harry Kane saga and the latest Premier League action

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Our cartoonist on a mixed week for Spurs, Michail Antonio’s self-love and Arsenal being Arsenal

Nuno Espírito Santo praises Harry Kane for helping Tottenham to win at Wolves

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Nuno Espírito Santo praised Harry Kane for helping Tottenham Hotspur to victory at Wolves in the striker’s first appearance of the season. With Kane’s future remaining uncertain as Manchester City contemplate whether ...

Harry Kane set for his Tottenham return in Europa Conference League

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Harry Kane returned to training with his Tottenham teammates on Tuesday after completing his period of isolation as the England captain prepares to make his first appearance of the season in the Europa Conference Leag...

Manchester City lack a ruthless streak and know Harry Kane can provide it

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The roles were reversed at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Sunday. By the end, with Tottenham sticking to Nuno Espírito Santo’s plan after Son Heung-min’s clever breakaway goal, it was Manchester City who looked like...

Pep Guardiola confirms Manchester City want to sign Harry Kane from Spurs

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Pep Guardiola has confirmed Manchester City would like to sign Harry Kane from Tottenham. The Premier League champions have had a £100m offer rejected and their manager made clear they would like to reopen negotiation...

Meghan and Prince Harry discussed moving to New Zealand in 2018, governor general says

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The Queen’s representative in New Zealand has said Prince Harry and Meghan discussed moving to the South Pacific country during their 2018 visit, more than a year before the couple stepped back from royal duties and m...

Harry Kane hits nuclear button but must hope it does not blow up in his face

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So now we know. Harry Kane really is prepared to do whatever it takes to force a move from Tottenham to Manchester City. The question had nagged away since the final week of last season when Kane and his camp had give...

Prince Harry should settle bird-shooting mystery in memoirs, sê kampvegters

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Wildlife campaigners have called on Prince Harry to use his forthcoming memoirs to help solve a 14-year mystery about the killing of two of Britain’s rarest birds over one of the Queen’s estates. In Oktober 2007, just...

The good, the bad and Harry Styles: X Factor’s most memorable entrants

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The sublime, the ridiculous and everyone in between has auditioned for the X Factor during its long run on British TV screens. Here are some of the most memorable contestants: Described in the pages of the Guardian a...

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