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‘The view was amazing’: John Morris relives his Ashes Tiger Moth escapade

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In great sporting events, great events happen peripheral to the great sport, adding phrases to our lexicon and images to our imaginations – consider, por ejemplo, the words “Sprinkler Dance”, “53 cans” and “Stuart Bro...

Kamala Harris takes on presidential role – briefly – as Biden has colonoscopy

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Kamala Harris on Friday morning became the first woman to wield presidential power in the US – temporarily, when Joe Biden had a colonoscopy under anesthetic. En una oracion, la secretaria de prensa de la Casa Blanca, Jen Psak...

Is Kamala Harris being shunned by the US president? Politics Weekly Extra – podcast

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After reports came out suggesting the vice-president was being underused, the White House came to her defence at the weekend. Jonathan Freedland and Lauren Gambino discuss the various rumours shrouding Biden and Harri...

La Casa Blanca defiende a Kamala Harris después de que los informes sugirieran que está luchando en su papel - video

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La secretaria de prensa de la Casa Blanca, Jen Psaki, cuestionó los informes de los medios recientes de que el vicepresidente de EE. UU., Kamala Harris, está luchando con su papel en la administración de Joe Biden. "Ella es una socia clave,'Psaki dijo. "Ella es ....

Golden Goal: Ronaldo for Internazionale v Lazio (1998)

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Growing up as a football obsessive, by the time I was 17 I thought I’d seen pretty much everything the game had to offer me. You can probably see how I became a sportswriter. Around then, I was also spending most week...

Social media helped me face cancer, says Chocolat author Joanne Harris

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Social media can be a force for good when it becomes a place for honest discussion about illness, author Joanne Harris is to argue in a candid radio interview. Harris, known for her bestselling 1999 book Chocolat, suf...

Everything suggests United’s players have given up on Solskjær

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Manchester United can play worse than they did against Liverpool. sí, sí, sé, but before you click out please stick with me for a second. Though their defending was as bad as defending can be – again – until thi...

Es el camino de Boris Johnson o el camino de Rishi Sunak: los conservadores no pueden tener ambos

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Mira los dos principales partidos políticos de Inglaterra y Gales., y considera cuál parece haber cambiado más. Labor? Ha estado preocupándose colectivamente durante décadas por el atractivo del conservadurismo para la clase trabajadora..

Kamala Harris: European colonizers ‘ushered in wave of devastation for tribal nations’ – video

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Speaking at the National Congress of American Indians 78th annual convention, vice-president Harris discussed the history of colonization in the Americas and its connection to present-day Indigenous communities.

Kamala Harris: European colonizers ‘ushered in wave of devastation for tribal nations’

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Promising to speak the truth about American history, Kamala Harris told the National Congress of American Indians the Biden administration would not shy from a history since the first arrival of European explorers tha...

The View retrasa la entrevista de Kamala Harris después de que dos anfitriones contraten a Covid

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La aparición en persona planificada de Kamala Harris en The View se ha retrasado después de que dos de los presentadores del programa dieron positivo por coronavirus.. Momentos antes de que el vicepresidente apareciera el viernes, fue annou ...

Migrants continue to cross into US as Kamala Harris criticises treatment by border patrol – video

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Thousands of Haitians encamped under and near a bridge in the town of Del Rio faced a ramped-up US exclusion effort on Tuesday, with six flights to their homeland. Más que 6,000 migrants had been removed by Monday, ...

Alexander Zverev rolls past Lloyd Harris to book US Open semi-final return trip

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Olympic gold medalist Alexander Zverev has made it back to the US Open semi-finals a year after finishing as the runner-up at the hard-court grand slam tournament. The 24-year-old from Germany saved a set point in th...

Kamala Harris Vietnam trip delayed after two US officials report Havana syndrome

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US vice-president Kamala Harris’ trip from Singapore to Vietnam was delayed by several hours on Tuesday by an investigation into two possible cases of the so-called Havana syndrome in Hanoi, administration officials s...

Kamala Harris accuses Beijing of ‘coercion’ and ‘intimidation’ in South China Sea

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US vice president Kamala Harris has delivered a sharp rebuke to China for its incursions in the South China Sea, warning its actions there amount to “coercion” and “intimidation” and affirming that the US will support...

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