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Gli scienziati sfruttano la terapia della luce per colpire e uccidere le cellule tumorali prima al mondo

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Gli scienziati hanno sviluppato con successo un trattamento rivoluzionario per il cancro che illumina e spazza via le cellule tumorali microscopiche, in una svolta che potrebbe consentire ai chirurghi di mirare e distruggere in modo più efficace il di...

‘Economy wins wars’: Ukraine creatives hope to harness consumer power

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Creatives in Ukraine are trying to harness consumer power in an attempt to keep the country’s economy going amid the Russian invasion. Before the war began in February, Ukraine was known as a hotbed of creativity in f...

Mutual aid brought communities together – how can the left harness their power?

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Ask members of one Covid mutual aid group in Whalley Range, south Manchester, about what they feel most proud of and two things crop up: the hardship fund and the epic street clean. It’s not hard to see why. Transform...

‘Love our bogs’: UK should harness all its landscapes in fight for climate – report

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Regenerating native woodland, restoring grassland and rewetting peatland must be priorities when tackling the “two defining crises of our age”, according to the first complete assessment of how UK nature-based solutio...

O2 Arena to install mini wind turbines that can harness even a breeze

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The O2 Arena will soon use a new breed of “vertical wind turbine” to generate its own clean electricity, after signing a deal with a startup firm that says its turbines will generate power even when the wind is not bl...