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Reform urged for outdated council tax that hits poor hardest

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The current council tax system is a “wealth tax” on poorer parts of Britain and is in urgent need of a comprehensive overhaul, according to a coalition of academics and thinktanks from across the political divide. Il...

Queenslanders will be hardest hit if Australia fails to act on climate change, Labor warns

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The opposition climate change minister, Chris Bowen, has warned almost one million Australians will lose their jobs if runaway climate change decimates the environment and the economy – with Queensland bearing the bru...

Workers in south-west England hardest hit by Universal Credit cut

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The south-west of England will have the highest proportion of low-income workers affected by a £20-a-week cut later this year in universal credit payments, according to analysis by the TUC that illustrates the widespr...

The hardest lesson I’ve learned at uni is how to handle money

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When I started university in September, I found it very overwhelming. Not just because I was settling into a new city during a pandemic while trying to meet the demands of my degree (medicine is very hard), but I was ...

Ben Stokes laments ‘hardest conditions I’ve facedas struggles in India continue

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Ben Stokes described batting conditions across England’s Test series in India as the hardest he has faced in his career but admitted that their first-innings total of 205 in the fourth and final Test in Ahmedabad felt...

Pandemic hits mental health of women and young people hardest, survey finds

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Young people and women have taken the hardest psychological and financial hit from the pandemic, a YouGov survey has found – but few people anywhere are considering changing their lives as a result of it. The annual Y...

William Shatner: hardest part of space flight will be getting in and out of seat

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The toughest part of going into space with Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin company, the Star Trek actor William Shatner said, will be getting in and out of his chair in the New Shepard spacecraft. Shatner, 90, will become t...

Born to run: meet Skyblue Jack, the hardest working dog in two countries

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Even for the most ambitious of joggers, 1,012km in three weeks would be a stretch. It equates to running a marathon every day for 21 giorni, and still having over a hundred kilometres left in the tank. But for Skyblue J...