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Why we’re happy hobbits in Jacinda’s ‘mysterious socialist hermit kingdom’

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Physician, heal thyself. This phrase has been in my thoughts ever since global media outlets, most of them British, started mocking New Zealand’s Covid elimination strategy last week. I’m a proud British passport hold...

私はすべてを試しました, でも私の観葉植物は幸せではありません

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多分それは私がまだ観葉植物の流行に慣れていないからです, 今年の夏に始まったばかり, でもシャーリーは取れない (私のアロエベラの植物) 私の頭から. 彼女は私の薬棚の上に垂れ下がっています, 彼女の葉は黄色でしわが寄っています....

There are no happy lockdowns but every lockdown is unhappy in its own way

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It’s coming up on a year since the skies over San Francisco turned red because of smoke from wildfires in surrounding areas, an uncanny reminder of Sydney’s Black Summer of late 2019 and early 2020. Now there is diffe...

Legalising same-sex marriages made even the unwed happy

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Most people getting married think it’ll make them happy. At least I hope they do – it’s not worth it for the ring or the £5-a-week embarrassment of the marriage allowance. 幸いなことに, even if not everyone getting hitched...

Ben Curtis: インクルード 500-1 winner of Open who was happy to stop playing golf

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As the 149th Open Championship rumbles towards its Sunday conclusion, Ben Curtis will be staging a charity brunch in a quiet corner of Ohio. Sixty guests will learn what it is like to win a Royal St George’s Open from...

Tkay Maidza: ‘I wasn’t happy with who I was surrounded by – things were starting to fall apart’

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Scanning Tkay Maidza’s Wikipedia page can give you whiplash. Before her 17th birthday, the rapper had moved from Zimbabwe to Australia, turned her back on a tennis career when she seemed destined to turn pro, started ...

お会いできてとてもうれしいです: 私たちの脳は、無生物に見られる顔に感情的に反応します, 研究は明らかに

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雲の中かどうか, 車の前, または $28,000 聖母マリアに似ていると思われるトーストサンドイッチ, 無生物の顔を見るのは一般的な経験です. シド大学による新しい研究によると。.

‘Happy hookers’: how prescribing creativity might help wellbeing

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During press conferences signalling rising Covid-19 case numbers last week, a list of projects began percolating in my mind. The Peppermint pocket skirt, a Wattlebird jumpsuit, definitely the Hudson tracksuit pants. N.。.

Ashleigh Barty prevails as Carla Suárez Navarro bows out ‘happy’

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With her words, Ashleigh Barty honoured her opponent, Carla Suárez Navarro, who was playing in her 11th and final Wimbledon after cancer treatment last year. With her outfit, she paid homage to the kit worn by Evonne ...

Dan Evans happy to put country and Olympics before ATP ranking points

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Dan Evans says that he committed to the Tokyo Olympics after deciding to prioritise the sensation of representing Great Britain over the pursuit of points and ideal scheduling during the US hardcourt swing. “I think I...

I’m happy Juneteenth is a federal holiday. But don’t let it be whitewashed

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オン 17 六月, Joe Biden signed a bill turning Juneteenth, 19 六月, into a federal holiday. ジューンティーンス, a celebration of the emancipation of enslaved African Americans after the formal end of the US civil war, began in T...

Happy holiday memories of Portrush: the world feels expansive here

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The kids are stripped to their undies and on a continuous loop ferrying water from the rock pools to the beach. They top out castles built with buckets and spades bought hastily at the seaside shop. Parents have been ...

A new, rebalanced UK could be the happy legacy of a shift to working from home

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Here’s the dream. From now on, more people will work from home more of the time, which means that, for the same total commuting time per week, they can live further from the big, pressurised, expensive metropolitan ce...

Phil Foden happy to be called the ‘Stockport Gazza’ after pre-Euros haircut

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Phil Foden has said he does not mind being called the “Stockport Gazza” after inviting comparisons to the former England midfielder by dying his hair blond. Foden is one of the most exciting youngsters in England’s s...

21人のパイロット: スケーリングされた氷のようなレビュー–ジャンルホッパーは彼らの幸せな場所を見つけます

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に 2019, Twenty One Pilotsは、2つの別々のアルバムのすべての曲がゴールド認定を受けた米国史上初の行為となりました。, 2013年の船舶と2015年のブラーリーフェイス. これは、画期的な文化を示唆する成果です。.

'幸せな時間 … 今のところ': 封鎖から抜け出した英国についての論文の内容

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新聞は、コロナウイルス制限の緩和をその日の最大の話として特定することでほぼ全員一致です–しかし、それらはすべて健康警告とともにニュースを配信します. 英国のほとんどの地域が別のsteを取ります。.

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