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"Era felice e triste": le sorelle si sono riunite dopo 20 anni di guerra in Ucraina

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Un grido di gioia è risuonato quando le due giovani donne - una in preda a un viaggio di 34 ore fuori dall'Ucraina e l'altra appena uscita da un turno di lavoro notturno - si sono avvistate su un marciapiede in Catalogna. La riunione era durata dieci anni...

Wales’s women happy to face music against finely-tuned England in Six Nations

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England have amassed 131 points in their opening two Women’s Six Nations victories, conceding just five, but Wales will head to Kingsholm without fear for a meeting with the defending champions. After two overwhelming...

Happy campers: how to care for hiking gear, even in the pouring rain

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Being out in the elements requires protection from them, and as any hiker knows, an outdoor adventure will often involve getting sweaty, dusty and/or wet. While this is part of the fun, when dirt, damp and sweat are l...

Cities need to be redesigned for the climate crisis. Can they make us happy, pure?

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It’s tempting to draw lines on a map, but we can’t forget that cities should be designed for the people who live there

Sono molto felice con il mio partner, ma perché non divorzia da sua moglie?

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Ho una relazione con un uomo separato dalla moglie ma non divorziato. L'ha lasciata cinque anni fa e dice che il loro matrimonio era finito molto prima, ma decise di restare finché i suoi figli non se ne andarono di casa....

‘Now I go home happy’: meet the further education teachers enriching students’ lives – and their own

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Taking up a new job can feel daunting – especially if you’re already well established in an industry you love. But as we all know, it’s often the scariest decisions that turn out to be the most rewarding. The Departme...

Boy bands, happy lands and Buffy’s deadly mate – take the Thursday quiz

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With the quiz master’s holidays a distant memory in the rear-view mirror, it is time once again for the Thursday Quiz. Fifteen topical and general knowledge questions, with a smattering of jokes, and our ever-present ...

Schools minister ‘wouldn’t be overly happy’ if his daughters boarded with trans pupil

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The children’s minister has told MPs he “probably wouldn’t be overly happy” for his daughters to share a school boarding house with a pupil identifying as transgender. Will Quince was giving evidence before the Common...

‘I am very happy’: Frenkie de Jong on Barcelona, Xavi and his thirst for trophies

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Shortly after Frenkie de Jong signed for Barcelona, he received a text message. It was Sergio Busquets welcoming him to the club and inviting him to get in touch if he had any questions or wanted any advice. Coming fr...

Happy feet: how fancy slippers took over the world

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Cicero, Leonardo da Vinci and Shakespeare all thought that eyes were the windows to the soul, but with due respect to the big dogs, I beg to differ. It is shoes which tell you everything. Hype trainers worn with a bla...

Happy alone: the young South Koreans embracing single life

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Min Kyeong-seok is not shy about eating in restaurants alone, or staying in luxury hotels by himself, and shares his experiences online in his blog “One happy person”. “I want to show people that I am living a happy l...

Happy birthday, Hitler: how Australia’s Nazis got away with ‘the whole rotten show’

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A Nazi flag hangs on one side of the hall, the Australian flag on the other. Between them, a floral arrangement lines the steps leading to a framed portrait of Adolf Hitler above which a sign in German says “50 years”...

Coral lipstick tells the world you feel happy

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Many of us are conducting the bulk of our work virtually. But the sartorial etiquette of Zoom meetings is still tricky. Rocking up as you would if you were taking the bins out feels out of step. But then dressing up –...

‘Happy people are more productive’: putting an end to repetitive tasks with workplace automation

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It’s fast becoming a cliche but it’s true: the pandemic has changed how we work forever. As many businesses shift permanently towards more remote and hybrid ways of working, exactly how and where we do work is being r...

The night owl problem: the surprising reason late sleepers are less happy

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Nome: Night owls. Età: They come in all ages. Aspetto: Tired and unhappy, at least when the rest of us see them. What do you mean by the rest of us? The early birds. I’m not an early bird. I just get up because my...

Happy queer Christmas! Drag kings and queens on their festive spectaculars

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Drag king Mark Anthony loves Christmas. He always has – it’s a big thing in his family. Ancora, he says he found his Christmas “blighted slightly” in recent years since coming out as transgender and non-binary. “It was...

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