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In praise of iyashikei: why we love soothing anime where nothing happens

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Western screenwriting tradition says that conflict is the heart of all storytelling, but after a hard day you may not want to watch something stressful. Some people turn to “slow TV” – meditative footage of scenic tra...

Qualunque cosa accada dopo al Chelsea, Qualunque cosa accada dopo al Chelsea: Qualunque cosa accada dopo al Chelsea

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Qualunque cosa accada dopo al Chelsea, Qualunque cosa accada dopo al Chelsea 3-1 Qualunque cosa accada dopo al Chelsea 90 minuti: Qualunque cosa accada dopo al Chelsea, Qualunque cosa accada dopo al Chelsea.

What happens when a group of Fox News viewers watch CNN for a month?

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Watching Fox News can be like entering an alternative universe. It’s a world where Vladimir Putin isn’t actually that bad, but vaccines may be, and where some unhinged rightwing figures are celebrated as heroes, but A...

When the same awful thing happens often enough, it ceases to be newsworthy – and that is a big problem

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For more than a week after Russia invaded Ukraine, there was almost nothing else in the news. It was all we talked about on the radio, which felt right. Then I was on holiday for a week and off with Covid for a furthe...

What happens when a major economy can’t pay its debts in dollars? Russia is about to show us

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As of Wednesday Russia has been scheduled to pay investors holding two dollar-denominated government bonds $117m in interest payments. It will likely make the payments, but probably in roubles rather than dollars. Som...

What happens next with Covid protocols?

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First reports suggested that this service was going to be withdrawn, but news agency reports on Saturday indicated it was now likely to be maintained. Officials were quoted as saying that the government’s Living with ...

‘Get into bed and see what happens’ – and nine other tips to revive a tired relationship

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“At what point do you think a relationship becomes a long-term relationship?” I ask my boyfriend, while sitting on the toilet having a post-dinner wee. He is in front of the mirror, trimming the single thick black hai...

What happens when your star is cancelled but you can’t cancel the film?

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Does Armie Hammer ever yearn for the time when the worst thing people said was that nobody liked him? “Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen” was the cruel but incisive headline of a 5,000-word BuzzFeed...

AJ and Curtis Pritchard: ‘Whatever happens on his side of the door stays on his side of the door’

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Born in Stoke-on-Trent, AJ and Curtis Pritchard have established themselves as the hard-grafting good guys of reality TV. Spending much of their childhood and teens working as professional dancers and representing Bri...

What happens when you cross Christmas with the Hunger Games? Let’s find out

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Bene, we’ve done it: we’ve successfully navigated the goth autumnal chicane of Halloween and Bonfire Night, and now, crackling distantly in the air, can you hear it – a jingling of the bells? Christmas looms, and thou...

What happens when a Congressman threatens a colleague with violence?

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La settimana scorsa, Arizona Representative Paul Gosar posted on Twitter and Instagram a photoshopped animated cartoon in which he assassinates Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacks President Joe Biden. Gosar says...

Brexit fishing rights row: what is the dispute about and what happens next?

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For much of the year, British and French ministers have traded threats and accusations over post-Brexit arrangements for fishing waters. But the row now appears to be coming to a head. When the UK left the EU’s singl...

2050: what happens if we ignore the climate crisis – video explainer

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We envision two scenarios: what life could look like in 2050 if we do nothing, and what life could look like if we take action now. Watch this video to take a glimpse into the future and find out what you can do to pr...

Liam Livingstone: ‘My biggest goal is Test cricket – how that happens, I don’t know’

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Liam Livingstone has been making headlines all year, but the latest came without him even lifting his bat. Having been tipped by many to feature in England’s Ashes squad he ended up not only out of that, but absent fr...

Sexual offences: when women report them, che succede?

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The police’s response to reports of sexual offences such as indecent exposure has come into sharp focus, following allegations that the Met failed to investigate an accusation of indecent exposure from 2015 that could...

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