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Tom Hanks says he couldn’t play gay role today ‘and rightly so’

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Tom Hanks has said that as a straight man he could not now make Philadelphia, in which he played a gay man who is dying of Aids. Speaking to the New York Times magazine to promote the new Elvis Presley biopic, Hanks c...

Star Wars-miniatuur en Tom Hanks se Castaway-vlugbal word in LA opgeveil

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’n Seldsame miniatuurmodel van ’n Star Wars X-wing starfighter en Tom Hanks se vlugbalmaat Wilson van Cast Away gaan onder die hamer gaan op ’n Los Angeles-veiling van Hollywood-memorabilia. Biedings sal uitgenooi word vir...

‘Tom Hanks would be boring if he was just nice’: the podcaster interviewing the star – after being fired by him

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Connor Ratliff has told the story a thousand times. About when, as a young up-and-coming actor, he auditioned for a small role on the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers. About how he initially got the part, only to be fi...

Tom Hanks hails Edinburgh bookseller ‘hero’ for his dedication to typewriters

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An Edinburgh bookseller and Scotland’s only typewriter mechanic has been hailed a hero by Tom Hanks for his dedication to the machines. In the summer Tom Hodges, who runs Typewronger Books in Edinburgh, sent a letter ...

Tom Hanks urges US educators to teach students about Tulsa race massacre

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In an essay lamenting the long neglect of the Tulsa race massacre, the Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks said “white educators and school administrators” in the US had “omitted the volatile subject for the sake of the sta...