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Handwritten lyrics from Paul McCartney’s archive go on display

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Treasured material from Paul McCartney’s personal archive, including the original handwritten lyrics to songs such as Hey Jude and Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five, is going on public display for the first time at the...

Handwritten manuscript of The Grapes of Wrath to be published for the first time

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The handwritten manuscript of John Steinbeck’s masterpiece The Grapes of Wrath, complete with the swearwords excised from the published novel and revealing the urgency with which the author wrote, is to be published f...

Einstein’s handwritten calculations for theory of relativity to be auctioned for €3m

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A crucial series of Albert Einstein’s calculations, scrawled down as the physicist struggled to account for an anomaly in the orbit of Mercury while developing his theory of general relativity, is set to be auctioned ...

Emily Brontë’s handwritten poems are highlight of ‘lost library’ auction

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An “incredibly rare” handwritten manuscript of Emily Brontë’s poems, with pencil corrections by her sister Charlotte, is going up for auction as part of a “lost library” that has been out of public view for nearly a c...

Love letters: football commentators on their handwritten notes

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John Murray, the football correspondent for BBC Radio 5 live, sits in his office, surrounded by lined A4 paper. By his side, two one-foot piles of it constitute the notes he has prepared for commentary so far this sea...