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Forgiveness or deselection? Newmarket divided over Matt Hancock’s political future

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Newmarket is a racing town, the racing town, Dick Francis country, a place steeped in the language of odds, favourites and long shots. A month ago, the local MP, Matt Hancock, was a firm favourite. Then closed-circuit...

Security provider for Matt Hancock’s office worked at Porton Down

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A firm that provided security at Matt Hancock’s office, where leaked CCTV footage showed him kissing an aide, has also worked at the Porton Down defence research laboratory, RAF bases, and a military bunker that would...

Matt Hancock’s downfall

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Boris Johnson has a new health secretary this week after the resignation of the man tasked with leading the government’s Covid response. But there are plenty of unanswered questions, says Jonathan Freedland ...

Nicola Jennings on Matt Hancock’s replacement by Sajid Javid – cartoon

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Matt Hancock’s breach could erode UK’s adherence to Covid rules, scientists say

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Behavioural scientists advising the government have warned the breaking of social distancing rules by Matt Hancock could make others less likely to adhere to Covid restrictions. The health secretary has admitted he br...

Two directors at Matt Hancock’s local hospital to leave before ‘bullying’ review

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Two directors at Matt Hancock’s local hospital are to step down ahead of the publication of a delayed review into a “witch-hunt” for a whistleblower involving an unprecedented demand for fingerprints from senior clini...

Hancock’s grandmother would be unimpressed by pay rise, say NHS staff

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Staff at a hospital where Matt Hancock’s grandmother worked as a nurse say they feel insulted by the government’s offer of a 1% pay rise after their work during the pandemic. Last Friday the health secretary tried to ...