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Firm with ties to Hancock given ‘VIP treatment’, emails suggest

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The government gave “VIP treatment” to a firm offering Covid testing facilities which had entered the system “informally” because Matt Hancock was “a good friend” of somebody working with the company, according to int...

Watchdog investigates Lord Bethell over pass for Matt Hancock aide

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The health minister James Bethell is under formal investigation for sponsoring the parliamentary pass of Gina Coladangelo, the aide Matt Hancock had a relationship with in breach of Covid rules. The House of Lords sta...

Hancock faces fresh questions over parliamentary access for Coladangelo

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Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, is facing questions over the privileged access he gave to his lover after it emerged he had issued her with a parliamentary pass when her only declared work was as a communic...

Labour urges overhaul of Whitehall oversight rules after Hancock row

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Ministers are facing demands to re-examine 85 oversight jobs across Whitehall amid questions over Conservative government appointments to the health department. Concerns were raised after it emerged that Matt Hancock ...

Boris Johnson tries to claim credit for Matt Hancock departure

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Boris Johnson has sought to claim the credit for removing the disgraced former health secretary Matt Hancock, despite Downing Street repeatedly saying on Friday he “considered the matter closed”. Asked by reporters wh...

Hancock, hypocrisy and the need for CCTV

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In Mei, Boris Johnson told the Commons that the inquiry into how his government dealt with the coronavirus pandemic wouldn’t start before spring 2022. Johnson said: “We must not inadvertently divert or distract the pe...

Hancock affair: PM has ‘serious questions’ to answer, says Labour

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Boris Johnson still has “huge questions to answer” in the aftermath of Matt Hancock’s resignation over his affair with a friend and paid adviser, Labour has said, as the government was urged to launch an investigation...

Trevor Phillips recalls daughter’s funeral to stress anger at Matt Hancock

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The Sky News presenter Trevor Phillips has recalled the recent funeral of his daughter to highlight anger at Matt Hancock’s behaviour. Phillips, the former head of the Commission for Racial Equality who presents the c...

As Hancock exits, the future looks the same: hope mixed with dread

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Two days before Matt Hancock began his tumble towards resignation, you could sample news stories about the immediate future of the Covid crisis and choose from two completely different narratives: one all about appare...

Matt Hancock resigns: Boris Johnson criticised for not firing health secretary as Sajid Javid starts new role – politics live

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Nuutste opdaterings: PM criticised for not sacking Matt Hancock before he stood down after photograph with aide showed him breaching social distancing rules

‘Matt finished’: Hancock given final humiliation on front of UK papers

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Matt Hancock’s resignation as health secretary following a “day of humilation” over his relationship with Gina Coladangelo provides an old-fashioned bonanza for the Sunday’s papers. The Sun on Sunday, whose sister dai...

Matt Hancock resigns after questions over relationship with aide

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Matt Hancock has resigned as health secretary, in a letter to Boris Johnson. It comes after embarrassing footage emerged of him in a clinch with a colleague on 6 Mei, when the public were still being advised not to h...

‘Why would anybody listen to him?’ Hancock has lost authority, say Covid bereaved

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Families of the Covid victims have questioned whether Matt Hancock still has the moral authority to announce any future pandemic restrictions after his rule-breaking tryst with a colleague, amid growing calls for the ...

Pressure on Matt Hancock to quit after PM backs him over tryst with colleague

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Matt Hancock is coming under relentless pressure to quit as MPs warned the health secretary’s rule-breaking tryst with a colleague risked becoming as toxic to voters as Dominic Cummings’ drive to Durham. Hancock apolo...

Has Matt Hancock breached any rules and why should we care?

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Matt Hancock has admitted he breached social distancing guidelines after he was pictured in the Sun kissing Gina Coladangelo, who he appointed last year to be a non-executive director at the Department of Health and S...

Matt Hancock apologises after photos show him kissing aide

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Matt Hancock has apologised for breaching social distancing rules but said he would stay on as health secretary after photographs emerged of him kissing a longtime friend who has a job at his department. Labour and th...

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