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Gabriel Byrne: ‘I’ve never played Hamlet, but in many ways I am him’

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My earliest reading memoryIn the 1960s Bunty and Judy were weekly “girls’ comics”, which had adventures and mysteries like Sandra of the Secret Ballet and the Four Marys, as well as stories of the great ballets and op...

Hamlet review – Cush Jumbo is a remarkable prince

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We have been promised a “new kind of Hamlet” with Cush Jumbo’s melancholy prince. While Ian McKellen steered an uneven age-blind version of the play earlier this year, Jumbo’s gender-blind casting in Greg Hersov’s sle...

Hamlet, Cabaret and a fistful of Romeos: the best theatre, comedy and dance of autumn 2021

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The postponed Disney production finally touches down in Britain from Broadway, directed by Michael Grandage and mixing action adventure with the story of sisterly love and loyalty. Elsa and Anna will no doubt reignit...

Hamlet review – Ian McKellen’s risky prince reveals method in the madness

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This Hamlet, starring 82-year-old Ian McKellen as the quixotic prince, has endured high-profile setbacks including the departure of two key actors during the preview period. It officially opened, at its delayed press ...

Ian McKellen’s Hamlet loses two actors amid claims of bitter disagreement

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An age and gender blind production of Hamlet starring Sir Ian McKellen will open this week without two of its actors amid claims of bitter disagreement and tensions. The pandemic-delayed show is remarkable because it ...

Ervaring: I was stabbed while playing Hamlet

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When I was cast in a travelling production of Hamlet in 2011, I was very nervous – Hamlet has an awful lot of lines. But I was 24 op daardie stadium, and having a leading role was a big deal. We performed the show for six we...

Hamlet! James Bond! Lady Gaga! The cultural events we’ve waited too long for

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Previously July 2020Now July 2021Delay equivalent to The ideal period between MOT tests Gaga’s rescinded run of summer 2020 shows should have been the zenith of her cyber-pop comeback. But even after the Chromatica b...

‘Is Hamlet about a small village?’ asked Grandad. At least this generation can Google it

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One day when I was little, some time in the late 1970s, I suppose, I was sitting with my nan and grandad in their front room. My auntie was there, ook. My brother and I were watching the television; Grandad was readin...