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The pandemic halted hugging. Can we ever embrace it again?

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With the prospect of the further easing of pandemic restrictions, following Monday’s announcement of the government’s intention to relax social distancing rules in England on 19 Julie, I’ve been thinking about the retu...

Prosecution of soldiers over Northern Ireland Troubles deaths halted

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The prosecution of two former soldiers over three deaths during Northern Ireland’s troubled past have been halted. Soldier F was being prosecuted for the murder of two men, James Wray and William McKinney, shot during...

Joey Barton assault trial halted due to translation problem

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A jury trying the Bristol Rovers manager, Joey Barton, over an accusation he assaulted a rival football manager during his time at Fleetwood Town has been discharged by a judge who said things were getting “lost in tr...

Waarom moet die skema vir die deel van pasiënte gestaak word??

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Arbeid het aan die hoof van NHS Digital geskryf en gevra vir 'n onderbreking in die beplande implementering van 'n nuwe skema vir die deel van data vir huisartse. Hier is 'n paar van die belangrikste vrae en bekommernisse rakende die voorstelle. Amptelik k..

‘A special day’: how a Glasgow community halted immigration raid

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It was just after 9am on Thursday and he was finishing breakfast when the callout came. Kenmure Street’s “Van Man” – the activist who spent nearly eight hours squeezed underneath an immigration enforcement van to prev...

US funds make Israel’s bombardment of Gaza possible. When will they be halted?

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The headlines speak mainly of “clashes”, “conflict”, and “casualties on both sides”. The politicians recite bromides about Israel’s “right to defend itself”– a right that Palestinians seemingly do not have. The US gov...