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Doctor Who recap: Flux chapter one – the Halloween Apocalypse

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Regular readers may recall that over the summer I went rogue and suggested that if the BBC couldn’t deliver a radically revamped template for Doctor Who for the 2020s, it would be better off canning it. Then we found ...

10 of Britain’s best graveyards for a Halloween stroll

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Arguably the finest Halloween graveyard of them all lies atop a flight of 199 stone stairs, up which the dreadful hound of Dracula was sent bounding by Bram Stoker. Sadly most of the tawny-coloured tombstones have bee...

Halloween shows us you can’t keep a good ghost down. And nor should you

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I’m not expecting to see a ghost tonight, but I will go in search of one. I’ve always assumed that any self-respecting spectre would run (float?) a mile from the lurid carnival trappings of contemporary Halloween reve...

Dare you take the Guardian’s hideously horrible Halloween culture quiz?

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If it is gothic, spooky, skrikwekkend, haunted or just plain weird, and was in a book, a film, a TV show or some music, you might just be about to get asked about it. How will you fare with these 25 questions about things th...

Tory Halloween tricks but no treat – cartoon

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Chris Riddell on ghouls, Brexit and the budget• You can order your own copy of this cartoon

Stroom: the best Halloween films for kids

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However much adults latch on to it as an excuse for partying and dressing up, Halloween remains, in its present-day incarnation, an occasion chiefly for the benefit of children: try trick-or-treating without one in to...

‘These aren’t my real teeth!’: seven readers on their scariest and silliest homemade Halloween costumes

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I wore this look to a Halloween house party in 2004 – it took me about two months to grow the sideburns. I have no idea what my work colleagues thought I was doing with my facial hair, but I never cared. I based the p...

Ready, steady, spook! 10 pumpkin-free Halloween treats – from meringue bones to Nigella Lawson’s pus

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I will never understand why pumpkins have the monopoly on Halloween, as they have for two or three decades. People used to make lanterns from turnips, or swedes, but pumpkins are just easier to carve even if there is ...

From gummy worms to snickerdoodles: Yotam Ottolenghi’s Halloween recipes

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For anyone doing the sweet-sweep rounds next weekend, Halloween can feel more like trick and treat, rather than trick or treat. No sooner have our kids been plied with sweets than we try to trick them out of eating th...

How to use up Halloween pumpkin skin in a maple syrup pie

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Nature determines that vegetables rot, dairy moulds and meat decays, but household food waste is, in werklikheid, reducing: in 2018, the UK produced around 9.5m tonnes, a 15% reduction since 2007. The same positive trend can...

Vertel ons: what is your favourite Halloween costume?

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As Halloween approaches, thoughts inevitably turn to what costume to wear. Do you, or perhaps even your pet, have a fearsome favourite? It could be a costume from your past or a more recent getup. Either way, we woul...

Outdoor films and Covid-safe candy trails: readers’ Halloween plans

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Beneath a canopy of trees in the grounds of an old convent would be an ideal place to host a spooky screening of the Blair Witch Project any Halloween, but it’s especially fitting this year. Being outdoors means that ...

Halloween Kills marks new high in ‘horror renaissance’

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More than four decades after John Carpenter made his defining slasher movie, the Halloween franchise returns to theatres this weekend for what is predicted to be one of its highest-grossing instalments. The excitement...

‘Trump costumes are not popular’: what’s big for Halloween 2021

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The year 2020 was an odd one for playing dress-up. Still in the throes of the pandemic and under the shadow of the last US presidency, the bestselling fancy-dress costumes last Halloween included outfits that referenc...

Bad Candy review – sickly Halloween horror anthology

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This unapologetically juvenile, but not unentertaining, anthology film parcels together a bunch of vaguely intersecting horror stories, presented as if they were being told by a small town DJ (66.6 on the dial) named ...

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