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Ronan Keating accepts ‘substantial damages’ over phone hacking

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The singer Ronan Keating has accepted “substantial damages” from the publisher of the News of the World over phone hacking. Keating, known for being part of Irish boyband Boyzone and his subsequent solo career, brough...

How a phone hacking tool was sold to governments around the world

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Investigative reporter Stephanie Kirchgaessner tells Michael Safi how a technology company’s clients have apparently selected journalists, activists and politicians in advance of possible surveillance ...

Hacking enlightenment: can ultrasound help you transcend reality? – video

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Can technology improve the way we meditate? At the University of Arizona, Dr Jay Sanguinetti and master meditator Shinzen Young are using ultrasound to improve our ability to achieve mindfulness – as well as enhance o...

Hacking group suspected in US pipeline shutdown claims goal is to make money

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The ransomware group believed to be behind an extortion attempt that caused the shutdown of a key pipeline delivering petrochemicals to the north-eastern US has apparently posted a message on social media in which it ...

Sensation review – sensory hacking thriller comes on like a Tesco Value Matrix

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This sci-fi-laced British thriller, from Czech director Martin Grof, aims for lofty metaphysical heights but trips over its own feet. Next to the films it draws from, it’s like a Tesco Value version of The Matrix, o ...