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Hackers stole over $500m in cryptocurrency in record-making heist, Ronin says

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Blockchain project Ronin said on Tuesday that hackers stole cryptocurrency now worth almost $615m from its systems, in what would be one of the largest cryptocurrency heists on record. The project said that unidentifi...

'Es la cosa justa que hacer': la 300,000 volunteer hackers coming together to fight Russia

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Kali learned how to use technology by playing with his grandfather’s phone. Ahora, the Swiss teenager is trying to paralyse the digital presence of the Russian government and the Belarussian railway. Kali – and many oth...

Russia-backed hackers behind powerful new malware, UK and US say

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A cyber report published by intelligence agencies in the UK and US on Wednesday has attributed insidious new malware to a notorious Russia-backed hacking group. The findings come amid concerns of potential Russian cy...

North Korean hackers stole $400m in digital assets last year, dice informe

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North Korea has launched at least seven attacks on cryptocurrency platforms that extracted nearly $400m worth of digital assets last year, one of its most successful years on record, according to a new analysis. “From...

Después de la victoria de Meghan, Harry tiene hackers telefónicos en la mira

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La batalla legal contra el Mail on Sunday finalmente puede haber terminado. Pero para el duque y la duquesa de Sussex, otro se avecina, y esto podría llegar hasta el juicio. En esta ocasión, la piratería telefónica es el corazón de ....

Tesco website hit by hackers, leaving thousands of customers frustrated

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Tesco has been hit by hackers, leaving thousands of frustrated shoppers unable to buy groceries online at Britain’s biggest supermarket. The outage means that its grocery website and app are down for a second day, lea...

Por lo menos 13 phone firms hit by suspected Chinese hackers since 2019, dicen expertos

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Por lo menos 13 phone companies around the world have been compromised since 2019 by sophisticated hackers who are believed to come from China, a cybersecurity expert group has said. The roaming hackers – known as LightBa...

Google warns of surge in activity by state-backed hackers

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Google has warned of a surge in activity by government-backed hackers this year, including attacks from an Iranian group whose targets included a UK university. The search group said that so far in 2021 it had sent mo...

UK security chiefs issue guidance after hackers target ministers on WhatsApp

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Ministers and civil servants conducting “government by WhatsApp” have been at risk of being targeted by hackers, leading to new advice from security chiefs about how to improve their privacy. The cabinet secretary, Si...

‘It’s feasible to start a war’: how dangerous are ransomware hackers?

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They have the sort of names that only teenage boys or aspiring Bond villains would dream up (REvil, Dolor, Wizard Spider, Ragnar), they base themselves in countries that do not cooperate with international law enforce...

SolarWinds: Russian hackers broke into email accounts at US attorney offices

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Russian hackers behind the massive SolarWinds cyber-espionage campaign broke into the email accounts of some of the most prominent US federal prosecutors’ offices last year, the Department of Justice has said. The de...

El Comité Nacional Republicano niega que los piratas informáticos rusos hayan accedido a los datos

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El Comité Nacional Republicano de EE. UU. Ha negado que los piratas informáticos rusos hayan accedido a los datos durante una infracción de un proveedor externo la semana pasada.. Los hackers eran parte de APT29 o Cozy Bear, según Bloomberg, citando dos unn ...

Ransomware hackers demand $70m after attack on US software firm Kaseya

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Entre 800 y 1,500 businesses around the world have been affected by a ransomware attack centered on US information technology firm Kaseya, its chief executive said on Monday. Fred Voccola, the Florida-based compa...

El Departamento de Justicia reclama los millones pagados a los piratas informáticos después del ataque que obstaculizó el oleoducto de EE. UU.

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El Departamento de Justicia de EE. UU. Recuperó la mayor parte de un pago de rescate multimillonario a los piratas informáticos después de un ataque cibernético que provocó que el operador del gasoducto de combustible más grande del país detuviera sus operaciones el mes pasado..

Russian SolarWinds hackers launch email attack on government agencies

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The state-backed Russian cyber spies behind the SolarWinds hacking campaign launched a targeted phishing assault on US and foreign government agencies and thinktanks this week using an email marketing account of the U...

NSW Labor warns members their data could end up online after hacker’s deadline passes

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New South Wales Labor has warned its members their data could be posted online as early as Saturday after the organisation was targeted by a ransomware attack and the hacker group’s deadline passed. En 5 Mayo, NSW Labo...

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