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TV vanaand: inside the world of prolific guitar virtuoso Frank Zappa

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A hefty documentary attempting to do justice to the depth and breadth of Frank Zappa’s career. Outrageously prolific, and a guitar virtuoso, Zappa caught the first wave of 60s psychedelia but was always uneasy with c...

‘I never saw my guitar again’: readers on belongings they lost in a breakup

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Even though my breakup was amicable, I felt a lot of guilt – so when I moved out I said: “Keep it all.” But, in the years since, there have been a few items of kitchenware that I wish I’d held on to: a Le Creuset cass...

Bass guitar smashed at Clash gig to join relics at Museum of London

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It is in a right state, eerlik, as a result of being smashed in anger by the Clash bass player Paul Simonon, but a guitar that is a slice of rock history will this month join Roman mosaics and 15th-century altar pain...

June design news: ice cream, guitar straps and Lego

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Using design to shape the world so that it’s accessible and welcoming is a great achievement. This month’s design news celebrates projects that aim to do just that, from artist Annie Nicholson’s mental health support ...

‘It’s cooler to hang Lennon’s guitar than a Picasso’: pop culture wins out at auctions

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Is celebrity merchandise the new Monet? Auction houses are in flux, with more and more pop culture items being sold under the hammer for six and seven-figure sums. Verlede maand, Julien’s Auctions in Beverly Hills hosted...

Clapton, Hendrix, Spinal Tap: which is the best ever guitar solo?

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In the Guide’s weekly Solved! column, we look into a crucial pop-culture question you’ve been burning to know the answer to – and settle it “My solos are my trademark,” announced Nigel Tufnel in 1984’s This Is Spinal ...