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Guinea 0- 1 Gambia: Africa Cup of Nations last 16 - soos dit gebeur het

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Musa Barrow scored a second-half winner as the first-time finalists reached the last eight after a game that featured two late red cards

Esteban strikes as Equatorial Guinea shock reigning champions Algeria

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Esteban Obiang scored 20 minutes from time as Equatorial Guinea pulled off one of the great Africa Cup of Nations finals upsets with a 1-0 win over defending champions Algeria on Sunday. Obiang struck from a corner a...

Guinea president held in military detention, say army coup leaders

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Guinea’s president, Alpha Condé, is being held in military detention, according to an elite unit of the army who have led a coup condemned by the international community but welcomed by many in Guinea. The coup leader...

Guinea military unit stages coup, claims to have detained president – video

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Guinea's special forces soldiers surrounded the presidential palace in the capital, Conakry, after they appeared to have ousted the country's long-serving president. Videos shared on social media showed president Alph...

Did you solve it? Numbers in New Guinea

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Earlier today I set you the following problem about how to count in Ngkolmpu, a language spoken by about 100 people in New Guinea. Ngkolmpu does not have a base ten system like English does. Met ander woorde, it doesn’t...

Can you solve it? Numbers in New Guinea

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Today is the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, which aims to raise awareness of issues concerning indigenous communities. Such as, byvoorbeeld, the survival of their languages. According to the Endan...

Guinea Ebola outbreak declared over by WHO

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An Ebola outbreak in Guinea that started in February, infecting 16 people and killing 12, has been declared over, the World Health Organization (WHO) gesê het. Health authorities were able to move swiftly to tackle th...

As an ex-Covid vaccine guinea pig, I’m relieved to have had my first jab

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On my way for my first Covid jab on Thursday, I worried they might turn me away. I told the doctor screening the queue: “I was in a clinical trial for the Novavax vaccine, and I had two jabs of it last November. I’ve ...

Satellite and drone images show scale of destruction from Equatorial Guinea blast – video

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The scale of destruction from a series of explosions in Equatorial Guinea’s port city Bata has been revealed in new satellite and drone images. Blasts tore through a military base of 7 Maart, killing over 100 people a...

Equatorial Guinea: explosions at barracks rock city of Bata – video

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A series of large explosions at a military base rocked the city of Bata in Equatorial Guinea on Sunday, ten minste doodmaak 20 and injuring more than 600, het staatsmedia berig. The blasts were due to the 'negligent handl...

Ten minste 15 killed in explosions at barracks in Equatorial Guinea

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Ten minste 15 people have been killed and more than 400 wounded in a series of explosions at a military barracks in Equatorial Guinea, state television has reported. The blasts were due to the “negligent handling of dyn...