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Tronkbewaarders, maar nie ma nie, kry berading nadat baba in sel sterf

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'N Kwesbare 18-jarige wie se baba dood is nadat haar hulpoproepe geïgnoreer is toe sy alleen in 'n tronksel geboorte geskenk het, het nie ondersteuning gekry nie-maar die tronkbewaarders wat nie haar mediese hulp gekry het nie..

One out of 125 embassy guards promised help to leave Afghanistan made it to UK

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Just one of the team of 125 British embassy guards who were promised help to leave Afghanistan by the Foreign Office has made it to the UK. Faiz is in quarantine in a London hotel, relieved to be safe but worried abou...

Iran investigates Evin prison guards after abuse video leak

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Iranian prosecutors have opened criminal cases against six guards at Tehran’s Evin prison after footage showing widespread abuse of detainees at the facility leaked out last week. The judiciary said “some” prison guar...

Trees should be planted without plastic guards, says UK study

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Planting trees without plastic tree guards should be standard practice, a UK study has found, as leading conservation charities and landowners seek sustainable alternatives to reduce plastic waste. The Woodland Trust ...

Dozens of MPs sign letter urging UK to evacuate all Kabul embassy guards

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Dozens of cross-party MPs have signed a letter to the defence secretary calling on him to evacuate all the guards who provided security for the British embassy in Kabul. Despite a commitment from the Foreign Office on...

Police and prison guards much less vaccinated than California public, analysis shows

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Several major California law enforcement agencies are reporting Covid-19 vaccination rates that are significantly lower than those of the general population, and seven state prisons have disclosed that less than a thi...

Women in UK Covid hotel quarantine will have female guards where possible

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Women quarantining in UK hotels will have female guards wherever possible, the government has said, after several claims of sexual harassment by members of security staff. The announcement comes after Labour demanded ...

Coldstream Guards perform Three Lions ahead of England semi-final clash – video

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The band of the Coldstream Guards performed a rousing rendition of Three Lions outside Clarence House before England's Euro 2020 semi-final match against Denmark. The Prince of Wales had invited the band to play the a...

Italian prisons under fire as video footage shows guards beating inmates

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Italy’s justice minister, Marta Cartabia, has ordered a report into conditions in the country’s prisons after the release of video footage showing guards brutally beating inmates at a jail near Naples who had demanded...

Wayne Fella Morrison ondervra: tronkbestuurder sê aan die hof dat hy glo dat wagte ondersoek belemmer het

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Die Suid-Australiese lykskouer het gehoor dat die gevangenisbestuur glo dat wagte wat betrokke was by die beheersing van Wayne Fella Morrison 'ingemeng het' om 'n ondersoek na die gebeure te belemmer op 'n manier wat hy nog nooit gesien het nie..

Die tronkbewaarders van Jeffrey Epstein het die gevangenisstraf gespaar in verband met Amerikaanse aanklaers

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Die twee werknemers van die Buro vir gevangenisse wat Jeffrey Epstein moes oppas die aand toe hy homself in 'n gevangenis in New York om die lewe gebring het, het erken dat hulle rekords vervals het, maar hulle sal enige tyd agter tralies skuif onder 'n ooreenkoms met fe ...

‘He’s not dead is he’: witness in Wayne Fella Morrison inquest says he overheard guards’ conversation

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A taxi driver who gave a lift to a corrections officer on the day Wayne Fella Morrison was rushed to hospital from Yatala Labour Prison has told the South Australian coroner he overheard guards talking about potential...

Tunisiese LP dra 'n valhelm in die parlement nadat die wagte verbied is

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'N Tunesiese parlementslid het haar sit in die parlement ingeneem met 'n motorhelm en 'n koeëlvaste baadjie, in 'n opvallende gebaar nadat die spreker privaat veiligheidswagte van alle partye verbied het, some of whom...

Rugby league star Nita Maynard charged after allegedly assaulting two Sydney hotel security guards

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Women’s rugby league star Nita Maynard has been charged after allegedly assaulting two security guards at a Sydney hotel. The former NSW State of Origin representative was arrested after being asked to leave Cronulla...

MoD names Welsh Guards sergeant who died in live-fire exercise

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The Ministry of Defence has named a soldier in the Welsh Guards who died after being injured in a live firing exercise as Sgt Gavin Hillier. A spokesperson for the MoD said: “It is with great sadness we can confirm Se...

Police investigate death of Welsh Guards sergeant in live-fire exercise

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Police are investigating the death of a decorated sergeant in the Welsh Guards who died after being injured in a live-fire exercise. The incident occurred at the Castlemartin Range in Pembrokeshire at about 10:45pm on...