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The Guardian view on falling birthrates: to parent or not to parent?

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There are not many things that most people agree on. But one is that it is a good thing if adults who want children are able to have them. This is the simple idea at the heart of a new report from the Social Market Fo...

The Guardian view on Angela Merkel: farewell to a bulwark of stability

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One of the most emblematic political photographs of recent times was taken during a G7 summit in Canada in 2018. Leaning forward across a narrow table with hands outstretched, a grim-faced Angela Merkel confronts Dona...

The Guardian view on vaccines for all: share them now

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For the west and other rich nations, the problem is demand: how to give more vaccines, including by persuading the hesitant. Britain and other countries are already delivering booster shots. Older children in the UK w...

The Guardian view of Lib Dem strategy: bringing down the blue wall

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Electoral history is full of upsets, but few are as stunning as the Liberal Democrats’ byelection victory in Chesham and Amersham, deep in the heart of Tory Britain. In June there was a 25% swing against the ruling pa...

The Guardian view on autumn: as summer ends, fresh starts abound

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So, after a late short blaze of summer, autumn is here. The leaves are turning, the blackberries are mostly eaten. So much of our approach to the season in literature and music has a dying fall: “Nothing gold can stay...

The Guardian view on Boris Johnson’s cabinet: new faces, not a new direction

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In Westminster it is often said that politics drives the timing of decisions. But this week’s reshuffle by Boris Johnson is just the opposite: the timing is driving the politics. The prime minister is eyeing an early ...

The Guardian view on cities: develop with care

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There are two places in London that would be the pride of any other major city in the world, yet which face an imminent threat to their survival. They are the Latin Village in Seven Sisters, and Banglatown in Spitalfi...

The Guardian view on Brexit diplomacy: thaw, not Frost

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It is usually worth paying more attention to what ministers do than what they say, especially when the subject is Europe. At the start of this week, the Brexit minister, David Frost, told the House of Lords that Brita...

The Guardian view on Johnson’s Covid plan: winter is coming, again

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As winter approaches, the good news is that we are in better shape than many people feared given the scrapping of almost all Covid restrictions over the summer. The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) war...

The Guardian view on benefit cuts: the fight against poverty is on

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The government appears hellbent on inflicting immeasurable hardship. Ignoring warnings, pleas and recommendations from charities, thinktanks, opposition parties and six former Conservative welfare secretaries, Rishi S...

The Guardian view on families separated by Brexit: where’s the compassion?

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In Franz Kafka’s The Trial, a blameless citizen wakes up one day to find himself under suspicion for no good reason. Dit was, presumably, never the intention of the architects of Brexit to inflict a similar kind of psy...

The Guardian view on the SNP: deliver on public services, not just a referendum

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Since 2007, the Scottish National party has been the largest party in Holyrood, dominating politics to become a credible party of government. It has now begun its fourth term in power. Yet the SNP has had few major po...

The Guardian University Guide 2022 – the rankings

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The Guardian view on the 20th anniversary of 9/11: no end in sight

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A new and deadly era began when the planes sliced into the twin towers on the morning of 11 September 2001. That evening, the historian Tony Judt wrote that he had seen the 21st century begin. The nearly 3,000 lives s...

The Guardian view on unorthodox thinking: science would not get far without it

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In Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift mocked the assumption that the scientific revolution had transformed European culture for the better. The satirical novel, published in 1726, has its eponymous hero stumbling upon...

The Guardian view on the DUP’s Brexit choice: save the protocol or save Stormont

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The threat by the leader of the Democratic Unionist party, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, to collapse the Stormont executive unless the Northern Ireland protocol is scrapped risks creating a crisis for electoral gain. Some in...

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