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Israel prison break: escape allegedly took place while guard slept

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The escape of six high security Palestinian prisoners from an Israeli prison took place amid a parade of farcical errors that included the reported availability of prison blueprints online and a sleeping guard in a wa...

Hurricane Ida: quasi 350 reported oil spills investigated in Gulf – Coast Guard

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The US Coast Guard on Monday said it was investigating nearly 350 reports of oil spills in and along the US Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Ida’s 150 mile per hour winds wreaked havoc on offshore oi...

Calls for asylum seekers to be freed from detention after Melbourne guard tests positive for Covid

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Asylum seeker advocates are calling for people held in immigration detention to be released into the community after Victorian health officials revealed a guard at a facility in Melbourne had tested positive for Covid...

Afghan guard killed in Kabul airport gun battle

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A firefight between unidentified gunmen and US, German and Afghan guards at Kabul airport has left one Afghan guard dead and three wounded, underscoring the fragile security situation around the site. The exchange of ...

Security guard found guilty of Brighton cat killings

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A shopping centre security guard has been found guilty of carrying out a series of cat killings in Brighton, closing a case which puzzled police for months. On Wednesday a jury at Chichester crown court found Steve Bo...

Patient dies after guard performs surgery at Pakistani hospital

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A woman died after a former security guard at a hospital in Pakistan posed as a doctor and performed surgery on her, la polizia ha detto. Shameema Begum, 80, died on Sunday, two weeks after Muhammad Waheed Butt attempted...

The Resurrection: Bugzy Malone review – highs and lows that catch you off guard

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Hip-hop has no shortage of redemption narratives. Bugzy Malone’s is ongoing. As recently as last year, the Manchester MC was charged with two counts of wounding – this, after many years spent boxing, rapping, then act...

Wayne Fella Morrison inquest: prison guard silent on what happened inside van

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A prison guard who helped restrain and transport Wayne Fella Morrison during his final moments has repeatedly refused to answer questions during a South Australian coronial inquest into the Indigenous man’s death. Tre...

Emma Hayes warns Chelsea to be on their guard against Atlético Madrid

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Emma Hayes has told her players they need to be “awake and ready” despite Chelsea having a two-goal cushion going into their Champions League last-16 second leg with Atlético Madrid on Wednesday. Hayes’s team recovere...