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‘Enemy combatant’ held at Guantánamo petitions for release because war is over

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Abu Zubaydah, the Guantánamo detainee who was tortured close to death by the CIA and who has been held without charge by the US for nearly 20 años, has petitioned a federal court for his release on grounds that Ameri...

Home Office borders bill could ‘create a British Guantánamo Bay,’ says Tory MP

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A former Conservative cabinet minister has warned that the Home Office’s controversial borders bill risks creating a “British Guantanamo Bay,". David Davis, who served as Brexit secretary from 2016 a 2018, dijo eso ...

The Mauritanian review – fence-sitting Guantánamo drama provides few answers

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Any movie that reminds us of the ongoing civil rights scandal at the US’s extrajudicial detention camp at Guantánamo Bay should be a good thing: it’s still open for business right now, con 40 prisoners inside. The sa...

Guantánamo detainee takes on CIA ‘black sites’ in UN human rights case

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A Palestinian man held in Guantánamo Bay is taking the US, el Reino Unido, and five other states before a UN human rights panel for their role in the CIA rendition and detention of terrorism suspects at “black sites” around t...

Former Guantánamo detainee faces forced repatriation to Russia after release, dicen expertos

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A former Guantánamo detainee is facing forced repatriation from the United Arab Emirates to Russia where he faces a “substantial risk of torture” according to UN human rights experts. Ravil Mingazov is a Muslim Tartar...

Biden administration transfers its first detainee out of Guantánamo

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The Biden administration has transferred a detainee out of the Guantánamo Bay detention facility for the first time, sending a Moroccan man home years after he was recommended for discharge. The prisoner, Abdullatif ...

‘I thought I was going to die’: Guantánamo prisoner’s torture testimony

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Por primera vez, a Guantánamo Bay prisoner who went through the brutal US government interrogation program after the 9/11 attacks has described it openly in court, saying he was left terrified and hallucinating fro...