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Oggendpos: climate pressure grows, France demands ‘substance’, rejecting your fears

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Goeie more. The last day of September brings yet more pressure on the Morrison government to increase its climate goals, and news of a cash injection for businesses affected by lockdowns. And there’s still time to v...

Climate pressure on Scott Morrison grows after NSW promises to cut emissions in half by 2030

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Scott Morrison faces escalating pressure to set a more ambitious national climate target for 2030 after the New South Wales Coalition state government promised to cut the state’s emissions in half this decade. The com...

Republican backlash against Biden’s Covid vaccine mandate grows

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The political sparring match over Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate continued on Sunday with one Republican governor blasting the measure as “counterproductive” and the White House insisting it was necessary to end the ...

‘I’m going to change, why can’t my body?’: tattoo removal grows up

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A tattoo’s permanence was once considered part of the package, equally a source of frisson-like appeal and finger-wagging peril. But as tattoo removal grows more commonplace, many of those associations are now in flux...

Social care backlash grows after MPs vote through tax plan

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Boris Johnson has won the backing of MPs for his controversial health and social care plan, amid a growing backlash from experts and professionals who warned it will fail to fix the urgent crisis in the care system. D...

Scepticism grows in El Salvador over pioneering Bitcoin gamble

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Litha María de Los Angeles slaps two cheese-filled pupusas – the El Salvadoran cornmeal flatbread – on the griddle. With a camera click on the QR code, she receives her payment: four hundred-thousandths of a Bitcoin. ...

New Zealand reports another 35 Covid cases as outbreak grows to 107

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New Zealand has recorded another 35 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number in its outbreak to 107, the Ministry of Health has said, as the nation waits to learn if the lockdown will once again be extended. T ...

Nieu -Seeland berig 21 new Covid cases as Delta outbreak grows

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New Zealand recorded 21 new cases of Covid-19 on Sunday as the outbreak of the Delta variant continued to grow, bringing associated infections to 72, health officials said. Van die 21 nuwe sake, 20 were in Auckland, de ...

Sydney faces curfew and longer lockdown as Australia’s Delta outbreak grows

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Sydney’s coronavirus lockdown is being extended for another month, with large swathes of the city facing curfew from Monday, as authorities battle a Delta outbreak that has seen record case numbers this week. New Sout...

Coronavirus live nuus: Japan reports record cases ahead of Paralympics, New Zealand cluster grows

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Critical care beds are reaching capacity in Japan while New Zealand is racing to contain a cluster in Auckland that has grown to 21

Live Covid -opdatering in Australië: ACT outbreak grows as NSW health system groans under pressure

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ANU students ordered into isolation and parliament sittings in limbo; Sydney hospitals face significant strain. Follow all the day’s news

UK economy grows for a fifth month as diners rush to cafes and bars

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Britain’s economy grew for a fifth month in June as the reopening of indoor hospitality and visits by patients to their GPs helped boost national output by 1%, official data has shown. Despite the government’s decisio...

US reaches Biden’s 70% first-shot goal as threat to unvaccinated people grows

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Ten minste 70% of adults in the US have now received at least one Covid-19 vaccination shot, the White House announced on Monday, reaching a target Joe Biden originally said he had hoped to achieve by 4 Julie. The admini...

California expands Covid restrictions as Delta variant threat grows

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California’s public health agency this week recommended that people wear masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status, one of several steps taken across the state as part of an urgent effort to curb the rise o...

Oggendpos: Covid support payment anger grows, Delta’s rapid spread, Matildas triumph

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Goeie more. Poor Covid support payment access causes community anger, the World Health Organization confirms the rapid global spread of the Delta variant, and Brisbane gets ready for Olympic fever … in 2032. Those h...

‘Tsunami of closures’ threaten UK high streets as debt grows fivefold

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Independent high street businesses could face a “tsunami of closures” after their debt climbed to almost five times the level it was before the Covid-19 pandemic, as shops, hairdressers, bars and restaurants battle to...

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