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Violent attacks on Afghan journalists by Taliban prompt growing alarm

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A spate of violent attacks on Afghan journalists by the Taliban is prompting growing alarm over the freedom of the country’s media, with one senior journalist declaring that “press freedom has ended”. As images and te...

Study finds growing government use of sensitive data to ‘nudge’ behaviour

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A new form of “influence government”, which uses sensitive personal data to craft campaigns aimed at altering behaviour has been “supercharged” by the rise of big tech firms, navorsers het gewaarsku. National and loca...

Boris Johnson faces growing red wall rebellion over social care tax rises

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Boris Johnson will tell mutinous MPs that the healthcare system is in crisis and they “cannot expect it to recover alone” as he faces a growing red wall rebellion over tax rises. One Conservative frontbencher told the...

‘Swazi gold’: grandmothers in Eswatini growing cannabis to make ends meet

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In Nhlangano, in the south of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland), the illegal farming of the mountainous kingdom’s famous “Swazi gold” is a risk many grandmothers are ready to take. In what is known locally as the “gardens...

‘We were called heretics and ostracised’: the Stranglers on fights, drugs and finally growing up

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As Jean-Jacques Burnel drily admits, the Stranglers had “a bad reputation for quite a while”. During the punk years, their many outrages ranged from being escorted out of Sweden by police with machine-guns (twice) aan ...

Different class: why British schoolgirl movies are finally growing up

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You can’t help wondering how British movie schoolgirls would fare among their American counterparts. How would Hermione Granger cope in the high school canteen with the Heathers or the Mean Girls? Take away her wand a...

Swansea head coach Steve Cooper heading for exit after growing unsettled

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Steve Cooper is set to depart Swansea City by mutual consent after growing unsettled at the Championship club. The head coach led Swansea to successive play-off finishes but made clear his concerns over the direction ...

Coalition’s Queensland women set to highlight growing policy divide in party

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Support for a controversial anti-abortion bill, a push against quotas, reuniting families separated by the pandemic and demands for an investigation into the exploitation of backpackers on working visas are among the ...

‘Growing risks’: Hong Kong pro-democracy group scales down

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One of Hong Kong’s most established pro-democracy civic organisations has said it is letting go its paid staff and halving the size of its steering committee after Beijing stepped up its crackdown on opposition activi...

Serena Williams joins growing list of tennis stars to skip Tokyo Olympics

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Serena Williams is the latest big-name tennis player to announce she will not be travelling to Tokyo for the Olympics. The 39-year-old, who has four gold medals and made her debut at the Sydney Games in 2000, had prev...

Australia news live: NSW government will hold crisis meeting to discuss growing Sydney Covid outbreak

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Daar is 36 cases linked to the Bondi cluster that erupted in the city’s east last week. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

Underdogs and proud: Scotland’s fans reflect a nation growing in its sense of self

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“It depends if you’re realistic or optimistic,” says Thomas Walker, who has been walking his pugs, Mia and Mini, around the perimeter of the Euro 2020 fan zone on Glasgow Green. “The match with England is going to be ...

Manchin faces growing pressure from Democrats over Biden agenda

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Joe Manchin, the conservative Democratic West Virginia senator whose defiance over the filibuster rule threatens to stall Joe Biden’s domestic legislative agenda, found himself under pressure from both wings of his pa...

The male beauty myth: the growing acceptance of feeling comfortable looking good

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Until recently, male motivation for looking good or strong was often born from an inherent desire for us to feel and appear more successful, competitive, virile and powerful – what some now refer to as toxic masculini...

A growing concern: peat is bad for the planet – and for plants

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The gardening world can be slow to change and, as much as that can frustrate – even infuriate me at times – I love the reassuring familiarity and nostalgia. In an ever-changing, unpredictable world, it’s an anchor for...

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