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Amazon Fresh opens first ’till-lessgrocery store in UK

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Amazon has opened its first contactless grocery store in the UK today where shoppers can pick up their goods and leave without having to visit a till. The Amazon Fresh store in Ealing, west London, is only available t...

Sugar and salt tax will add £160 a year to grocery bills, industry warns

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Annual grocery bills will rise by £160 a year if the government passes on the cost of its new policies on recycling and advertising of sugary and salty snacks, industry leaders have warned. Poor families will be hit h...

Aldi and Lidl lose out as UK online grocery sales hit new heights

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Aldi and Lidl have lost share of the grocery market for the first time in more than a decade, while Tesco’s share rose for the first time since 2016, amid a surge in online shopping during the pandemic. Online grocery...

‘We are democratising the right to laziness’: the rise of on-demand grocery deliveries

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One Friday afternoon in May, Glenn Cobane, 40, who lives with his wife and two cats in Salford, did some grocery shopping: a loaf of bread, bananas, an avocado, cat food, chocolate brownies and some cans of beer. Rath...

Why fast-track grocery delivery apps could soon leave supermarkets on the shelf

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Over the past year, you may have noticed the rapid growth in all kinds of app-based delivery services. Vir 'n rukkie, supermarkets weren’t involved: traditionally, the industry does not grow very much. The margins are s...

Britse kruideniersware-inflasie bereik 14 maande hoog namate Kersbesteding vroeg begin - besigheid lewendig

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Deurlopende dekking van die jongste ekonomiese en finansiële nuusVroeër: