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How tracking grizzly bears is helping veterans find way back from trauma

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On a recent crisp sunny morning, a small group of wildlife guides and British and Canadian military veterans, reached a ridge in the mountains of British Columbia and found themselves within 15 metres of a grizzly bea...

Canada: mountain goat kills attacking grizzly bear with ‘dagger-like’ horns

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With their long, sharp claws and frightening speed, few predators in Canada’s wild hinterlands attack as mercilessly as a hungry grizzly bear. But in a rare turn of events, park officials say a mountain goat not only ...

‘The bear came out of nowhere’: Alaska prospector on terrifying grizzly attack

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An Alaska gold prospector rescued from a sustained attack by a grizzly bear some compared to a famous scene in the movie The Revenant told a local newspaper: “The bear came out of nowhere. “It rolled my bike and the t...

Could you take down a grizzly bear with your bare hands? My husband believes he can

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If you haven’t spent the last few days arguing over the US YouGov poll reporting on which animals people think they could beat in a fight, what have you been doing? It was the most fun we have had in months: admittedl...